Best Automatic Bud Trimming Machines - 2019 Buyers Guide

Finally! After patiently waiting, it is time to experience the fruits of your labor! Every grower's achievement comes from the most anticipated "Harvest Time." However, most growers are lost on the next move as they are overwhelmed by the number of crops they've grown and at the end of the day instead of getting to enjoy this exciting final phase, they are left with a chaotic, and unproductive feeling. Not fun, right?

As a professional grower, you know that these crops are incredibly precious as each of them is of high value to your business in regards to profitability. That's why there is no time to sit back and do nothing.

However, in reality, some growers usually end with bad decisions because of their number one enemy in the industry, COST. If you have large amounts of crops to harvest and you are deciding to hire a professional team of trimmers because you think that you can save more time and money. Well, you are wrong.

Remember, hiring a team can be costly, and since they’re doing manual labor it can also be time-consuming. That is why we highly recommend you invest in one of the high-quality automatic plant trimmers available on the market today. They're incredibly cost-effective and will cut down your processing times by a fraction. We guarantee it.

So, if you are already in this very critical stage (harvest stage) remember these two things: relax and don’t panic. And most importantly, purchase the best bud trimmer on the market! There are many available plant trimming machines for your small or large-scale grows that will surely meet your standard harvest requirements. By doing this, we assure you that it will save your day from all the headaches and worries!

To address all your needs, we've laid down reliable and easy to understand information to help and guide you during this research phase; these include two things you should always remember prior buying an automatic trimmer, the top five best-selling brands of automatic bud trimmers in 2019, and the PROS of machine-trimmed vs hand-trimmed. Let's get started.


Buying high-quality bud trimmers is a wise decision! But, if you are still new in the growing industry, we are sure that you’re lost with what is the best trimmer for you because of the many available/different style trimmers on the market today. To help you we listed below things that you should do prior to ever purchasing one:

Check the size of your harvest

It is essential for you to know how large or small is your expected yield, as well as, understanding the pounds of the crops that are needed to be trimmed is also a plus! This will make your life easier in choosing the perfect automatic trimmer that will cater to your needs.

Wet or Dry?

It’s on you what approach of trimming you wish for your harvest. Just take note that dry trimming retains more of the smell and extra crystal from the sugar leaves of your flower, but the preparation and trimming cost so much time. Meanwhile, Wet trimming allows you to trim your buds the moment you harvest your plants, allowing you to process it faster.


We know that your buds are precious as diamonds because it caused you to invest so much money, time, and effort to reach this far. That’s why we are here to guide you of what bud trimmers are best for your needs! Check below our listed Top 5 best-selling brands of Automatic Bud Trimmers for this year (also included personal manuals).

CenturionPro Trimmers

Are you looking for a trimmer that’s extremely powerful and capable to trim no matter how plentiful or small your harvest is? Then, go and purchase a CenturionPro Trimmers, these are just perfect for you!  

CenturionPro has always focused on giving you the high-quality and processing capacity of trimmers you’ve ever wanted. This brand has made a big name in the industry for its powerful and capable trimmers ranging from the All-New Tabletop Pro down to the commercial grade dual tumbler Gladiator. These trimmers will surely not disappoint you for its promising power and quality.

Also, you can use CenturionPro trimmers for either wet or dry trimming by taking advantage of its interchangeable tumblers. You heard it right! It’s possible for you to have one machine with two functions (to trim either wet or dry!) And that’s not yet the end of the fantastic features of this trim machine, and it also comes with a dust collector and hopper to wrap up all your trimming setup.

A couple of my buddies and me went in together and bought a trimmer from CenturionPro. After 2 uses, we all bought our own. It saved us so much damn time, so much money and just took away all the stress. ★★★★★ 5/5

CenturionPro Trimmers has an extreme line-up that will each fit and cater your particular needs for your buds, check the table and the links below:


EZTRIM Trimmers

Are you tired of always replacing your trimmer’s parts because your current trimmer can’t do wet and dry trimming at the same time? Well, the EZ Trim Satellite and Satellite SL Combination Wet & Dry Trimmer will surely save your life!

EZTRIM is considered as one of the original and powerful trimmer brands in the industry. The Satellite and Satellite SL can both trim wet and dry without you buying new replacement parts for your trimmers. Also, these machines are truly manufactured in the USA.

On the other hand, the EZTRIM Satellite and Satellite (SL) now trim WET and DRY at no additional cost! With its superior adjustability, a combination of vortex and rotor technologies, these trimmers guarantees you the unsurpassed trim quality regardless of the strain.

I rarely leave reviews because I am busy busy, but I have to for this trimmer. This machine saves me a whole lot of time and does a fantastic job. You will not regret this one. ★★★★★ 5/5
Lastly, the most fantastic thing about these trimmers is their patented triple filtration system because it allows you to separate and triple the filters for your leaf processing, providing you greater yields without the mess.

Triminator Trimmers

Do you want a trimmer who can work in a raw speed that will have a great and precise trim results? But at the same time, you’re being skeptic and afraid of trying trimmers because you’re unsure of its quality? Well, the Triminator Trimmers lineup will guarantee all your needs and remove all your doubts on trimmers!

If you doubt with this product’s quality, well don’t! Because Triminator Trimmers has proven its remarkable service in the growing industry drawing over 30 years of experience in engineering woodworking and forestry tools. This brand won the 2016 High Times Award for Best Industrial Dry Trimmers, both for its Triminator Dry and Mini Dry trimmers.

This incredible brand has now created large bud trimming machines to increase the processing speed with a patented trimming system to provide you a precise and beautiful trim.

Mind you that these trimmers went through hundreds of hours of testing that’s why most growers were so impressed with its mechanical precision and raw speed. It’s also built for maximum efficiency and polished with details that will make every grower’s life easy.

Take note that the pivot system of the Dry Trimmer lets you seamlessly load your buds so that you can keep it continuously process, meanwhile, the portable Mini Dry is the smallest automated dry bud trimmer in the market add the optional kief kit to make some incredible hash. Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate wet trimmer, the self-cleaning Triminator Wet Industrial System offers the largest drum for your maximum yields!

Triminator Trimmers has a fantastic line-up that will each fit and cater your particular needs for your buds, check the table and the links below:


Twister Trimmers

If you’re looking for a trimmer that will achieve your production standards, then, Twister Trimmers are perfect for you!

Twister Trimmers has a great line-up that will not disappoint you, ranging from the top of the list the line T2 to the All-New compact and portable T6 and the mid-tier. These trimmers can trim either wet or dry using interchangeable and precise cut tumblers. Thus, allows you to trim fast and accurate.

You also don’t need to worry about the maintenance because these trimmers only require minimal maintenance and importantly, offers you the best in class yields with trimmed quality.

Lastly, one of the amazing features about Twister is the ability of its trimmers to connect because it allows you to connect up to three T4s and process up to 26lbs/hr of trimming or two T2s together for up to 25lbs/hr.

I can't believe it took us so long to purchase to a Twister machine. Best investment we've ever made!★★★★★ 5/5

Twister Trimmers has a great line-up that will each fit and cater your particular needs for your buds, check the table and the links below:


TrimPro Trimmers

Are you having difficulty in using your current trimmers due to its complicated parts and slow functionality? Well, you can finally breathe in using the TimPro Trimmers!

Proven and tested trimmers in the industry is the TimPro Trimmers its success is caused on how simple, efficient and durable machines they are. These trimmers are considered as a real market need because apart from scissors there were really no other products available to growers. Through constant innovation and improvement, they succeeded in building an excellent reputation, as well as, an excellent after sales service and warranty.

Lastly, to give you a quick trivia! Trimpro just started from a humble idea and concept which later on grows into an established company employing more than 20 people in their shop and founding more offices. This machine is proudly made in Canada and considered as one of the best trimmers on the market.

TimPro Trimmers has an extreme line-up that will each fit and cater your particular needs for your buds, check the table and the links below: 



After knowing the top brands of trimmers, we are very sure that you are already decided to buy one. However, if you have still doubts when it comes in purchasing a bud trimmer then this part of the article might enlighten you:



There are a lot of great brands with incredible features available in the market today so please don’t get overwhelmed easily and don’t do panic buying. Always remember to choose the best trimmer that ultimately fits with your needs. With this, you can rest assured that you can surely save time, effort, and money.
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