NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Review 2019

For the past years, growers’ high expectations on LEDs always end up to frustrations and disappointments. LEDs back then never met their hopes for their growing business. In the 1990s, White LEDs were already out, but still considered as a new invention and somewhat made the consumers crave for this new product. On the other hand, the variety of colors made the consumers more eager to have the product since LEDs at that time were acclaimed as the “perfect grow spectrum,” but in the end, it only delivered uninspiring results.

However, in 2016 everyone in the garden industry rejoices because the most awaited LED Grow light finally came out! The light that ultimately delivers the kind of results you have been expecting from an LED, this is no other than the “NextLight Mega.”

NextLight Mega is considered as the Best Value LED light in the industry today because it uses only the most modern white lights which replicate the full, dynamic spectrum. This enables all NextLight LED grow lights including the NextLight Mega to deliver a sun-like quality of the HPS 1000 over a long period while just using a fraction of the energy.

But, if the information above is still not enough for you or you still have doubts about the features of this LED Grow light. Don’t worry because you’re not alone! We understand that there are still growers like you who are afraid to invest much of time and money in the wrong lights; that’s why this post can be a great help for you. This post will evolve about the 2019’s review of NextLight Mega LED Grow Light.

Replaced my HPS set up with several NextLight Megas and haven't been happier. Energy costs are down and quality is up. Will recommend! ★★★★★ 5/5



Check out below the NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Review for 2019!

Better Spectrum in a 650-actual wattage

NextLight Mega defeats the 1000 watt HPS light in terms of PAR because it has a better spectrum and has the same coverage area. And mind you, it only consumes 650 actual watts. This can equal to any double-ended 1000 watt HPS bulb on the market today.

Moreover, this bright white LED grow light called “Mega” does not mean its size, but for the increased production and large footprint that it will supply to your canopy. Mega is a perfect light for growers who are looking to cover larger areas using only 650 watts.

Also, the Mega does not have separate settings for veg and bloom because it is a full-spectrum panel that only uses white LEDs. This means that it uses the same amount of power from the time it started its operation, unlike other lights with different settings, which consume less energy during veg.

Lastly, NextLight Mega is considered at the top end of similar lights on the market which range from 530 (during veg) to 680 watts in power consumption.

Tested and proven to be safe

Every grower in the industry always wants to be safe and secured in every product they will use. So, if you’re worried about using this light, you don’t have to! Because Product safety is the cornerstone of NextLight. Thus, you can rest assured that NextLight Grow lights are safe because it went through a lot of tests and proven by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

To make you feel more at ease, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization that writes testing standards and tests products for safety and certifies them. UL has developed more than 800 standards for safety, and millions of products including their components are tested to UL’s safety standards. So, worries no more! Because NextLight Mega is surely proven and tested.

Largest Coverage area

Did you know that the mega has the largest coverage area among all 1000 watt equivalent LEDs on the market? You heard it right! It has a 5 by 5 coverage area, and it can also provide you a full PAR footprint. Grow lights like Mega, and Black Dog PM-2 600 are the only fixtures that can equal or top a 1000 watt HPS bulb when it comes to PAR and coverage.

So here’s a quick tip for you! If you want to know the measurement of your grow lights’ effectiveness use the PPF or also known as “Photosynthetic Photon Flux.” PPF measures the number of photons a light emits per second and will give you a good representation of a light's output.

With this, the Mega is considered as the “the most efficient full-spectrum LED grow light” in the industry today because it has a PPF of 1400 umol per second that works out to 2.15 PPF per watt.

Competent white LED diodes

One of the incredible features of NextLight Mega is its competent diodes. Its white LED diodes is very far from its competitors who only use about 3 or 5-watt chips that later on users must use and replace it for another powerful one. Meanwhile, NextLight Mega has over 2500 white LED diodes that draw around a quarter watt each.

We know that most of you are wondering if this mass of weak diodes work? Of course! It works, Mega’s 2500 weak diodes combine to create a powerful and precisely distributed light that equal the output of a double-ended 1000 watt HPS bulb.

Lastly, NextLight Mega has extremely high-quality diodes. You can inevitably experience its competent features especially its rated lifespan of 100,000 hours. The good thing about this is you can save more because it will probably never need to replace them. It runs 12 hours a day and 100,000 hours for over 20 years. 

Less Heat Output

The advantage of having weaker diodes is that they do not produce much heat. And so, the fixture of Mega doesn’t have any internal fans and relies only on heat sinks. Moreover, its external fan blowing beneath is enough to deal with the heat that’s produced and at the same time, will also help increase the lifespan of the diodes.

Although Mega doesn’t have lots of fans, its heat output is only about 2200 BTU. This means that it is about the average of lights for this size. Well, some other lights of the same size with the Mega have several built-in fans. Thus, having a 2200 BTU heat output is a good thing.

To make it more transparent for you, the low heat output that Mega produces makes the life of the diodes increases, and it gives you a huge advantage because you don't have to spend any more much time and additional equipment to cool your grow room. Just remember that without internal fans, the unit runs silently.

Easy Operation

Every grower's concern is how to use each product they have purchased. We know that one of the things that make your life harder is the complicated operation of some products. But! For NextLight Mega’s operation we assure you that you will never get such headaches since it doesn’t have separate modes for veg and bloom, so you don’t need to have any more to use a control panel or remote control.

Did you know that the NextLight is the only company in this industry which includes both a 120V and a 240V power cord? Well, it's just a simple thing, but think of it as a significant investment because it’s still a great help for you since you will be able to save money and time in finding another separate cord.

Lightest and Thinnest LED fixture

NextLight Mega’s fixture is considered as by far the “lightest and thinnest LED fixture in its class” Its LED panel only measures 37 x 37 x 2.5 inches and only weighs 23 pounds this is also because of having no internal fans. But, always remember that weight doesn’t have any connection on the competency of this Light. Even though it has a light and thin fixture, it will still give you a guarantee that it’s a high-quality LED grow light!

Save Time & Money

If you are looking for a full-spectrum white LED grow light, then NextLight Mega is the perfect light for you!

This LED light helps you to save money and time for its costs is considered less than its competitors. But still, offering you great and high-quality features such as a larger coverage area, more output per watt, runs cooler and completely silent, and lastly comes with the best warranty. This is an all-in-one package for a LED grow light!

So, no more doubts and worries! Because NextLight Mega will surely help you in your growing business for it will give you the same results just like a double-ended 1000 watt HPS light.


Thanks for answering all of my questions! My NextLight Mega arrived quickly and I'm extremely satisfied with the entire process!★★★★★ 5/5


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