What is The Best Rosin Press for 2019? – Best Guide in choosing the right press for you

What is The Best Rosin Press for 2019? – The Best Guide in choosing the right press for you.

In the garden industry today, Rosin has been considered as the most popular and the latest method in creating shatter and other types of concentrates. Most people like how rosin is created because its extraction is proven safe and easy since it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract your material, nor does need extreme safety measures like what other extraction methods do.

If you’re deciding to go for rosin, you’re on the right track! Take note that in extracting rosin, you are guaranteed in enjoying your favorite concentrate consistencies at the same potency level. In fact, rosin’s potency and terpene content are proven as high as BHO and other concentrates which has a significant impact for every concentrate consumer to consider.

Unlike BHO, which is often made from low-quality materials, rosin is made from high-quality materials that will ensure a premium product. Thus, this can be considered as another essential thing about rosin because it offers you a very honest concentrate.

Moreover, rosin extraction is a big check for both home and commercial growers because aside of being safe and easy it’s also the most efficient process that will give you the highest yield with the use of competent rosin presses. However, if you’re confused about what press you need to buy because today’s rosin presses can vary in shape, size, form, and capacity. Then, this post is a great help for you since we already outlined here the Best Rosin Presses for 2019 and we listed them by category for you to choose easier!

Just a quick reminder! Please carefully read the details of each press below since they are arranged per category and make sure to be wise enough in deciding what press is perfect for you. Now, let’s begin:

NugSmasher Original Manual Rosin Press

The Best Overall Personal Rosin Press!
If you're looking for a powerful yet affordable rosin press that has a professional grade rosin extraction and a minimalistic footprint then, the NugSmasher Original Manual Rosin Press is the perfect press for you!

Check below the five things you should know about Nugsmasher Original 

Made from High-quality materials

You can rest assured that Nugsmasher Original is made from high-quality materials because it’s designed and built by Professionals in Corona, California in their 40,000 square foot machine and fabrication workshop. This machine is crafted by skilled professionals composed of the industry’s leading and experienced designers, builders, engineers, and fabricators.

This machine is also considered as one of the most rugged rosin presses on the market and titled as "being built like a tank." If you doubt the machine’s frame, well doubt no more! Because Nugsmasher Original has a dependable interlocked USA sourced structural steel for the machine's frame and aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined in-house.

There’s also a bonus for you as a buyer! This machine comes with a full, manufacturer backed lifetime warranty, so it will help you save money.

Easy to set-up machine

This machine will not give you such headaches in setting up because everything you need to begin pressing is already included in the box. All you need to do is plug the device in, then wait for it to heat up and finally! You're ready to begin extracting beautifully pressed rosin.

Safety Circuit Breakers

When using rosin presses, safety must always be the top priority and so with the Nugsmasher Original’s safety circuit breakers you’re already secured because this press has a methodically routed three sub-circuit and primary power circuit with only the highest quality, resettable circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are conveniently installed on the machine's front panel that allows you for easy access, monitoring, and resetting.

Has Precise Temperature Controls with Pinpoint Accuracy

The NugSmasher Original has one of the most accurate and precise temperature controls on the market. It’s designed with an easy access interface on the front of the machine in which you will be able to easily set your desired temperature and let your NugSmasher Original do the rest.

Another incredible thing of this machine is that its plates are both designed to quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperature across their surface areas during the entire extraction process.

Top with Thermally Isolated Heat Plates

The NugSmasher Original is packed with top plates that are thermally isolated just like with the Mini, XP, and Pro, etc. This systematic design removes any unwanted heat transfer from your pressing area. Thus, it allows you to save power by maintaining efficiency and also helps you to keep the plates heated with your desired temperature in the most accurate ways as much as possible.


  • Weight (lb.): 74
  • Length (in.): 9
  • Width (in.): 9
  • Height (in.): 18
  • Capacity: 14g
  • TL Listed: No
  • UL Listed: No
  • Rosin Press Technology Type: Manual
  • Plate Size: 4" x 4"
  • Plate Material Type: Aluminum
  • Temperature Control: Digital
  • Max. Pressure: 12 Ton
  • Pressure Control: Manual
  • Suggested Press Time: 3-10 minutes depending on material type
  • Adjustable Tilt Position: No
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Exact Watts: 320W
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Rosinbomb M50 Personal Electric Rosin Press

Best Electric Rosin Press!
Do you find your current press now so complicated to use and it hinders you from being able to create beautifully-pressed rosin? Drop all your worries now because Rosinbomb M50 Personal Electric Rosin Press will save your day!

We are introducing the ultimate in personal rosin press - the Rosinbomb M50. This press is considered to be the most-friendly press among all users because you can efficiently operate it. Among the many presses that are line-up on the market today, Rosinbomb M50 is the easiest and the most intuitive press we've ever seen. This press is perfect for beginners to extract beautifully pressed rosin with no hassles easily.

If you doubt of its 35-pound design well, you shouldn’t be because M50 is considered to be quite a powerful machine. It features a dual heated 3" x 5" squash plates and an immense 5000 pounds of force, and it can amazingly process up to 14 grams of material per press with over a 30% yield. That means with 14 grams of the substance, under ideal conditions, you'll be able to receive up to 4.2 grams of beautiful, solventless rosin.

Lastly, Rosinbomb M50's comes with a built-in electric pump and plug-and-play design which gives you a smooth operation. Unlike other presses which require external air compressors or the use of a manual hand pump, M50 doesn’t need that because all you have to do is plug it in and you're ready to begin pressing.

Why Choose RosinBomb?

    Read below the three reasons why Rosinbomb M50 press should be in your list:

    Superior Construction

      You will never doubt the Rosinbomb’s parts because it’s designed and assembled here in the United States. This product will make your life easier because the only thing you should mind is which essential oil you want to press.

      Quiet Pressing

        Unlike other products which require compressors to function, Rosinbomb rocket doesn’t need one because it’s a plug and press model. And since, it’s electric it produces zero noise.

        Superior Yield

          Rosinbomb M50 rosin press is like nothing else on the market. Its manufacturer worked hard to develop its Proprietary Technology so that they can deliver to you the industry’s leading yields from your essential oils consistently every time.

          To guide you in using this press, follow the following steps:

          1. Plug in your press.
          2. Wait 10 minutes while it thoroughly heats.
          3. Prepare your flower or sift for press
          4. Place your product in between two sheets of parchment paper centered as much as possible
          5. Command up until it reaches full force automatically
          6. Wait till you have rosin flow cease
          7. Command down, and that's it! Your own personal extraction center right at home.
          8. And of course, following alone the mentioned steps above isn’t enough thus, don’t forget these essential operational tips for you to have a smooth extraction process

          You have two buttons for press operation. Up and down. They are located on the face of the cabinet at the bottom right corner. When you have the product in the press, and you are up to temperature, press the up button. It will proceed upward with a positive press until it senses maximum capable pressure. It will then stop and hold that pressure. Once you reached your desired length of time, press the down button to return to home position.

          You can level the unit as many times as you need. If you feel you are losing yield... take advantage and level your machine.

          If you wish to stop operation in either direction, up or down, press the button in whichever direction you are currently going.

          For example - If you are moving upwards and wish to reposition the product or interrupt operation, you will press the up button again, and it will stop the machine. You can then press up to continue or down to return to the home position.

          If the press starts clicking while under full pressure, press the up button to stop.

          The heat plates take 10 minutes or less to heat before pressing product fully. Once heated they will maintain your desired temperature.


            • Pressure: 5000+
            • Capacity: 14g
            • Warranty: 5 years
            • Type: electric
            • No assembly required, just plug it and it's ready to go
            • Very quiet - no external air compressor needed
            • Lightweight and Portable weighing just 35 pounds
            • 17" tall and 9" wide
            • Processes up to 14 grams at a time
            • Yields of over 30%
            • Dual heated squash plates
            • Large 3" x 5" Plates
            • 100% of all electric and energy efficient
            • 110 Volt - 60 Htz - 3.5 Amp
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            Triminator TRP Stack - Multi Platen 25 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Tech Press w/ Drip Technology

            Best Commercial Rosin Press and Highest Capacity Commercial Rosin Press!
            Are you worried about your current press who consumes so much time when it comes in cooling and terpene retention? Well, you’re lucky because Triminator TRP Stack rosin press will surely help you all the way!

            With its famous tagline, “Squeeze More with Drip Tech”. This press is considered to be the best and highest capacity commercial rosin press that offers you the same force as its predecessor, but twice the surface area to maximize production.

            If you are already annoyed and bothered of your old rosin press because it takes you tomorrow to finally cool down your material, then be glad! Because The TRP Stack offers drip technology for faster cooling and terpene retention.

            You will never regret about this press’ features because it’s really engineered to offer you simplicity in high volume extraction, as well as, the multi-platen design was absolutely built for production scalability. In addition, it provides you drip technology allowing your rosin to quickly drop to a cool surface with a seamless rotation of the platens.

            Lastly, you shouldn’t have doubts to this press because it will surely give you the quality that you really wanted and just take note of the promising features of it: 6 precision heating elements, 25 tons of force, and a high visibility design. You can absolutely press in a commercial volumes while maintaining consistent high-quality yields!


                • Type: Hydraulic
                • Pressure: 25 tons
                • Plates: 6” x 10”
                • Height: 22.4 in
                • Width: 27.3 in
                • Length: 12.9 in
                • Weight: 151 lbs
                • AC Voltage: 120 V
                • AMPS Required: Dedicated 20A Circuit
                • Warranty: 2 years

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                Sasquash V2 Hydraulic Press

                Best Hydraulic Rosin Press!
                Are you expecting a next level of the Sasquash M1 and waiting to also have the same powerful features as it is? Well, you wouldn’t be disappointed with the newest Sasquash V2!

                If you thought that Sasquash M1 couldn't get any better? you’re wrong! Introducing the Sasquash V2, the next generation of hydraulic rosin press from Support the Roots is finally here. The amazing thing about this press, Sasquash V2, is that it has been upgraded to a full 15 tons of pressure making it capable of pressing up to 1 ounce of material at a time.

                In addition, this pressure coupled with its large 8.5" x 5" squash plates and 4x 250 watt heaters (for a staggering 1,000 total watts), makes for yields of up to 30% when pressing flower and even higher when pressing kief, dry sift and the like.

                Moreover, V2 is not only the groundbreaking commercial rosin press on the market today, but all Sasquash rosin presses because it’s all designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the United States of America.

                So, if you're looking of one of the best then, you must absolutely grab a Sasquash V2! Considered to be one of the most versatile commercial presses on the market!


                • Weight (lb.): 135
                • Length (in.): 18
                • Width (in.): 10
                • Height (in.): 15
                • Capacity: 28g
                • Lead Time: 1-2 Week Lead Time on Production
                • ETL Listed: No
                • UL Listed: No
                • Rosin Press Technology Type: Manual/Hydraulic/Pneumatically (with Air Compressor)
                • Plate Size: 10" x 5"
                • Plate Material Type: Aluminum
                • Temperature Range: 0-999
                • Temperature Control: Digital
                • Temperature Accuracy: 1-5
                • Max. Pressure: 15 Tons
                • Pressure Control: Digital
                • Adjustable Tilt Position: No
                • Amps: 5A
                • Voltage: 110V
                • Exact Watts: 1000W
                • Power Cord(s) Included: Yes
                • Warranty: Lifetime
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                Pure Pressure Pikes Peak V2 Pneumatic Rosin Press

                Best Pneumatic Rosin Press!
                If you’re looking for a rosin press with an assured quality over the years in the industry and you also want to have complete control in its operation then, the Pure Pressure Pikes Peak V2 Pneumatic Rosin Press is perfect for you!

                Introducing the Pikes Peak V2 with all the same 5 star rating features and now with full LCD touch screen technology! You will never doubt with its quality because the Pikes Peak V2 Rosin Press was really engineered to provide years and years of reliability while giving you the highest quality press you’ve ever wanted. This is not yet the end of the amazing features about this press because you as a user, has a complete control over heat temperatures, press time, operating pressure (digital readout), and actuating speed. Isn’t it amazing?

                Another incredible thing about this press is that it has an industry-leading press technology with full custom software for total control and with a free firmware updates for life. With 5 tons of pressure output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder from 120psi compressed air input (1.7 CFM), and even heat distribution from 0°F - 300°F from our in-house machined aluminum plates, each with its own thermocouples for perfect accuracy.

                Just a quick trivia! Did you know that each Pikes Peak rosin press includes two sets of orientation legs? Yes, you heard it right! Its purpose is to allows you to have a complete control to operate the press vertically or horizontally. This press which is an ultra-durable, powder-coated constructed rosin press comes with a 1 year warranty. Lastly, each press is proudly made by hand in Denver, Colorado with top quality components at our factory. In short, you don’t need to doubt with its parts because it’s really made from high-end materials.


                • Capacity: 17g
                • Pressure: 5 tons
                • ETL Listed: No
                • UL Listed: No
                • Rosin Press Technology Type: Pneumatic
                • Plate Size: 10" x 3"
                • Plate Material Type: 6061 Aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel
                • Temperature Range: 0-300º F
                • Temperature Control: Digital
                • Temperature Accuracy: 1º F
                • Max force output: 9,876 lbs (5 tons)
                • Pressure Control: Digital
                • Press Time Range : No limit
                • Adjustable Tilt Position: Yes
                • Amps: 10A
                • Voltage: 110V
                • Exact Watts: 1100W
                • Power Cord(s) Included: Yes
                • Warranty: 1 year
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                NugSmasher Rosin Press DIY Plate Set 2.5 x 2.5

                Best DIY Rosin Plates!
                This Do it yourself 2.5" x 2.5" Rosin Press Extraction heated Plate Set is perfect for the extractor that has their own press and pressure figured out. Recommended press and ram pressure 1 to 12 tons.


                • Control box is made of solid steel
                • Powder Coated finish
                • Power circuit protected
                • Digital heat control
                • Industrial rubber feet
                • 6' power cord
                • 24" heat shielded plate power cords
                • 70 watt heaters in each plate
                • 2.5"x 2.5" solid 6061 plates
                Thermocouple installed in the bottom plate and is interchangeable to top if desired
                Reversible machined heater wire plate caps
                Adapter plate with 1" diameter ram hole with 4x 1/4-20 ss set machine screws
                Limited lifetime factory warranty provided by NugSmasher.

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