Gorilla Grow Tents

Unhappy with the current selection of indoor hydroponic and soil grow tents available on the market, in 2011 a group of California growers, engineers, and designers set out to change that with one simple goal: to produce the strongest, thickest, most druable indoor grow tents ever created that could adjust vertically to accommodate any grow space

Their message was clear and remains clear to this day, "Let’s create THE dream design that will completely redefine what it means to grow in a tent. Let’s transform what ‘grow tent’ even means. Let’s create an entirely new indoor growing environment that is safe, smart, big, strong, tall, quiet, odor proof, stealthy, insulated, durable, and long lasting."

After multiple design revisions and patent submissions this team of Californians created a grow tent that was head and shoulders above the rest, unable to even draw a comparison from other tents. Some early adopters have even gone on to say that these tents transcend the term "tent" and more accurately compare to traditional, permanent and structural grow spaces as they are truly, in their very essence, self contained indoor grow rooms.

When it came time for a name, the collaborators looked to honor the great Gorilla which perfectly describes their tents: strong, reliable, durable and intelligent. The mission of Gorilla Grow Tent is more clear than ever before: "to supply ever grower with the most innovative and ideal indoor growing environment".

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