Introducing the easiest and most convenient personal rosin presses on the market today from Rosinbomb.

Both the Rosinbomb Rocket & Rosinbomb M50 are purpose designed to take the hassle out of extracting rosin. Both presses feature built-in electric motors and accurate temperature controls that make for fully automatic extracting. Simply press a button, sit back, and let the machine do the rest.

Introducing the #1 selling, highest rated rosin press product line on the market today.

Each Nugsmasher comes with with an unmatched FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY on every single component of the system.

Introducing the #1 selling, highest rated rosin press product line on the market today.

Each Nugsmasher comes with with an unmatched FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY on every single component of the system.


Rosinbomb Rocket

Only $599

  • Built-in electric motor
  • Silent operation
  • 3.2" x 2.8" plates
  • Just 10" tall & 13 pounds
  • 5 grams per press
  • Up to 31% yield

Rosinbomb M50

Starting at $1,850

  • Built-in electric motor
  • Silent operation
  • 3" x 5" plates
  • Just 16" tall & 35 pounds
  • 14 grams per press
  • Up to 31% yield


The Rosinbomb family of personal rosin presses are purpose designed to be the easiest and most convenient rosin presses on the market today.


The Rosinbomb Rocket & Rosinbomb M50 rosin presses are both Plug-N-Play presses. Everything you need to get started pressing is included in the box - simply plug it in, add your material and get to pressing.


Both Rosinbomb presses feature built-in electric motors. This allows both presses to be operated automatically at the press of the button with no manual hand pumps or external air compressors needed.


Rosinbomb rosin presses come complete with precise temperature control of the plates. Simply set your desired temperature using the front facing controls and the controllers heat your plates and keep them at a consistent temperature.


Built-in elector motors do away with the need for external air compressors or pumps. This allows both the Rosinbomb Rocket and Rosinbomb M50 rosin presses to operate virtually free of any noise whatsoever.


Rosinbomb's engineers and design team have come up with extraction bags & a multi tool purpose built for us with the Rosinbomb product lineup.


Rosinbomb extraction bags are designed to work perfectly with both the Rosinbomb M50 and Rosinbomb Rocket and come in varying capacities and screen sizes.

Rosinbomb M50:

  • 2 ½" x 4" 45 Micron (for dry sift)
  • 2 ½" x 4" 160 Micron (for flower)

Rosinbomb Rocket:

  • 1 ¼" x 2 ½" 45 Micron (for dry sift)
  • 1 ¼" x 2 ½" 160 Micron (for flower)

Made in the USA


MAVSTIX is one of the best rosin focused multi tools on the market today.

Typically, rosin is quite difficult to collect after it's been extracted and even more difficult for novice pressers.

MAVSTIX simplifies the process and can be taken apart and separated for a smooth and efficient way to collect your rosin from parchment paper.

Made from only the highest quality Stainless Steel, the Rosinbomb MAVSTIX is very easy to clean, and very hard to bend or break.


ROSINBOMB started as a family business, tracing its roots back to a decades long tradition of machinery creation. With a passion for innovation and a hunger for healthy organics, Ryan Mayer, ROSINBOMB’s founder, created the most powerful, electronic rosin press with the ability to process the highest yield. Though ROSINBOMB is a forerunner in the industry, the company continues to evolve and flourish. ROSINBOMB presses are the premier quality available today with patent-pending technology designed to ensure the top yield, 5000+ lbs of pressure, fully electric.... and continuously improving.

ROSINBOMB is committed to quality, value and innovation. They strive to constantly improve our products and continue research and development. Their goal is to produce the highest quality tools and accessories for consumers and professionals to create the best concentrates.


See what our customers are saying about Rosinbomb rosin presses.

Had the Rosinbomb M50 rosin press for about 5 days, and have used it every day since. Well thought out, and extremely easy to use piece of equipment. Have seen yields up to and over 29% and have only just begun experimenting. Would abosolutely recommend!!

Jon G.

Was going to go with the rosinbomb m50 but decided on trying out the rocket since it was so much cheaper. Have to say, the ease of use couupled with the consistent yields I get with this thing is really amazing. If youre looking to get into rosin pressing or just want a side press for personal use I would definitely recommend the rosinbomb rocket.

David S.

was doing some looking for finding a press because I got tired of spending the money at the dispensary, and mostly what you get is made with butane, and this is solvent free and it's grown from my own garden and I know exactly what's in it. Free high quality Rosin that is amazing and works great!

Chris A.


Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about the Rosinbomb lineup.

What is rosin? How is it made?

Rosin is a solventless extraction made through the mechanical process of applying heat and pressure to "press" out the terpene and cannabinoid rich resin from cured flower or hash. This process occurs near instantaneously and requires virtually no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions. Rosin tech uses heat to melt the glandular domes of the trichrome off of the base material. This resin rich sap will then reconstitute on the parchment paper, ready for collection. After scraping the parchment paper, the waxy residue collected will be clean and ready to dab.

How much pressure do I need?

The pressure needed to extract Rosin from your starting material will vary depending on the following factors: Freshness, Heat Applied, Amount of Material, Type of Material (Cured Flowers, Dry Sift, Bubble, etc). As a general guideline, the more heat you apply, the less pressure you will need (to a certain extent). Many strains will press very nicely at around 1000 - 1500 psi per inch of material being pressed in the lower temp range of 190 - 215 degrees.

How much rosin can I expect from my material?

This is another question we get often, but cannot ever provide an exact answer. Basically the term "Garbage in, Garbage out" is a FACT with pressing. Rosin will typically taste very much like your starting material smells so using the best material available is always recommended. We have seen results as low as 5.5% with low quality material and have also seen 31%+ with Grade "A" material. Your best bet is to press a couple of .8g nugs to see what you can expect from your material before loading your extraction bags.

What bags do I need?

Rosinbomb extraction bags are recommended for optimal yield and clean quality rosin. Rosinbomb bags are designed and manufacturered entirely in the United States and are purpose designed to work specifically with Rosinbomb rosin persses.

Rosinbomb offers two different sizes of bags and micron size.

For use with the Rosinbomb M50 (up to 14 grams):

  • 2 ½" x 4" 160 Micron (for use with flower)
  • 2 ½" x 4" 45 Micron (for use with dry sift)

For use with the Rosinbomb Rocket (up to 5 grams):

  • 1 ¼" x 2 ½" 160 Micron (for use with flower)
  • 1 ¼" x 2 ½" 45 Micron (for use with dry sift)

While bags from other manufacturers are more than capable of producing Grade-A quality rosin from the Rosinbomb Rocket presses, we recommend using Rosinbomb brand bags as they will fit your press perfectly.


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