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  • Hello I didn't receive my 12 free extraction bags when I purchased my nugsmasher I'm sure it was an honest mistake, pls help can you send me out one pls I want the 160 micron bags by nugsmasher pls. My order was #1055. Thanks!

    Hi there :) The 12 free extraction bags should be under the shipping label. If they are not there, could you please reach out to us at and we will expedite some new ones right away!

  • If the warranty is covered by the nugsmasher company how do I go about showing them proof of purchase so that they can cover my unit? Pls explain the warranty process to me. Thanks!

    In the rare event that something happens to your unit, tell us your order number and we send you a return shipping label for defective unit and dispatch a new one. Also, your name & order number are saved with NugSmasher directly as well which they will use to further verify your order!

  • How much wax do you yield from 14 grams of product?

    With optimum settings, you can expect a return of up to 30% with the NugSmasher Original. This means that with 12 grams of material you can yield up to 4.2 grams of rosin!

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