Best Personal Rosin Press 2019 - NugSmasher Mini


Many people are looking to buy a rosin press for home use but with thousands of online articles and customer reviews widely available, it can become easily overwhelming. That’s where I come in.

In this 2019 product review, I’m going into detail about why the 2 Ton Nugsmasher Mini is essentially changing the expectations of what a home rosin press should be and in my opinion how it has earned the number one spot for the best personal rosin press in the world today. 

Prior to my research, I was already quite familiar with Nugsmasher's stellar reputation — but I needed to find out for myself what all the hype was about.

If you are not familiar with Nugsmasher, they are a next level & international rosin press company based in America that is truly disrupting the rosin press industry. They are crafting incredibly affordable and high-quality rosin presses in their state of the art factory in Corona, California.

Nugsmasher has five “signature” presses, but for this review I am going to focus on the Nugsmasher Mini. I’ll go into detail about what makes the Nugsmasher Mini the best personal rosin press in the world, and why it should be in your home today.

I have friends that have spent $3000 and $4000 on presses and other than them being bigger and air compressed rather than hand powered the quality of the product is absolutely no different whatsoever! ★★★★★ 5/5

Nugsmasher Mini Quick Facts:

  • Process up to 5 grams per press
  • Only 14 inches tall and 7 inches wide
  • Yields of over 30% (i.e. process 10 grams, get 3 grams of rosin)
  • Free manufacturer backed lifetime warranty (this was a huge selling point for me)

Is the Nugsmasher Mini the right press for you?

For me, pressing rosin is a social thing so I am not interested in a big/bulky press that requires external compressors or pumps. I need something that I could easily throw in my backpack and head over to a friends place and start pressing material.  

Weighing less than 25 pounds, The Nugsmasher Mini is only 14 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Which ticks all my boxes in regards to portability.

The next thing, I never plan to press pounds of material at a commercial level. As an avid dabber, I press 2-3 grams of material at a time for personal use and the Nugsmasher Mini can process upwards of 5 grams of material per press. Perfect!

To summarize, only consider the Nugsmasher Mini if you’re looking for a personal press. Due to its size, this is not intended for commercial use. If you’re looking for a commercial press — take a look at the Nugsmasher Pro.

Nugsmasher Mini features:

      • 2 Tons of Pressure
      • Press up to 3.5 Grams of Material Per Press
      • Made from Extremely Rugged Solid Steel
      • Large 2.5" Aircraft Grade Aluminum Smash Plates
      • 2x 70W Heating Elements that heat up fast and stay hot
      • Temperature Control with Pinpoint Accuracy
      • Circuit Protection for Added Safety
      • Safe & Fast Smash Plate Release Lever
      • Manual Pump Lever
      • Made Entirely in the United States of America
      • Full Manufacturer Backed Lifetime Warranty

How much does the Nugsmasher Mini cost?

After deciding I was on the market for a personal rosin press, I gave myself a set budget and was not going to spend more than $800 USD for everything. Right off the bat, one of the presses I was considering would require an external pump which would put me over budget, so I eliminated that option quick.

What I loved about the Nugsmasher Mini was its completely self contained and requires no additional pumps or compressors. So when I saw this press for $496.00 (plus free shipping) it was significantly lower than I anticipated for my set up. I actually got some free extraction bags with my purchase, so I literally needed nothing else for my home set up.


Pro’s and Cons of the Nugsmasher Mini:

Nothing is perfect and the Nugsmasher Mini is no exception. But in my opinion it’s pretty darn close (at least for me) and here is why.


      • Compact and very portable
      • Ideal for personal/home use
      • Made in America
      • Guaranteed for Life
      • 2 Tons of pressure
      • Made out of Solid Steel
      • Heats up fast
      • Large 2.5″ Smash Plates
      • Dual Heating Elements (70W ea)
      • Accurate Temperature Control
      • Fast Retract Plate Release


The Nugsmasher Mini can only process up to 5 grams of material per press. Seeing as this is a personal rosin press and intended for home-use, it's more than enough in my opinion for small batches of high quality extract.

If you’re looking to process more than 5 grams of material per press, this is likely not the right press for you and I would recommend taking a look at the Nugsmasher Original, or Nugsmasher XP.

Extremely easy to use. Warms up quick and presses up to 3.5g with 2 tons of pressure with ease. Loving It! ★★★★★ 5/5

Nugsmasher Mini Verdict:

If you’re looking for the highest quality personal rosin press in the world today, this is the press for you. Built like a tank, and small enough to fit in your backpack. To make the best even better, Nugsmasher offers 100% coverage for life on all their rosin presses.


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