Everything you need to know about CenturionPro Mini

Are you already tired of using a trimmer that can’t perfectly cut all your crops and only ends you up frustrated, and worst, your thought of investment didn’t turn out well because that trimmer only makes the whole saving money plan gone to waste?

You can finally drop all your disappointments now because we have great news for you! If you want a trimmer that will precisely cut your plants then, we are proud to introduce to you the CenturionPro Mini Trimmer!

As America’s trusted garden store, we really make sure to offer you competent and high-quality products, thus, we understand if some of you may not yet familiar with CenturionPro trimmer well, it’s alright because this post will absolutely enlighten your worried mind!

Did you know that the CenturionPro Mini is the smallest tumble-style trimmer in the world? Yes, you heard it right! Along with the said trimmer is a 1.5HP leaf collection system for maximum mobility and efficiency. Plus! all of CenturionPro Trimmers now come standard with the all-new non-stick Quantanium Tumbler!

In addition, the CenturionPro Mini is the latest in elite trimming technology. It is considered to be the smallest professional trimmer in the world and amazingly replaces the equivalent of more than 15 trimming staff. This high-end trimmer that is used for both wet and dry trimming utilizes a high-quality D2 hardened steel blade. It's really perfect for commercial use because aside of its highly competent features, this trimmer is also truly rare to find in today’s industry because of its small size, but in high-performance level.

Don’t be worried about using this trimmer because we provided manuals that will serve as guides for you. This trimmer is a hydroponics trimming machine that uses 11 high-quality blades providing you the most precise and efficient cutting capability in the industry. You’ll be surely amazed at this trimmer because it can packs more than twice the power of other trimming machines, thus making CenturionPro as the best trimmer on the market today.

Moreover, you will not have headaches in maintaining the good condition of CenturionPro because it only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. This trimming machine has a small size, but with a high productivity level that allows you to maximize your sales.

Furthermore, CenturionPro Trimmers now come standard with the all-new Quantanium non-Stick tumbler, which is available in both wet or dry. To help you more understand it the non-stick properties of the Quantanium tumbler prevents precious resins from adhering to the tumbler surface. Thus, this will lead to a better output with a great visual appearance while maintaining its strong natural aromas and flavors.

Overall, you will notice a better quality product, especially during the harvesting stage because all natural properties are perfectly preserved. Meanwhile, the use of the new tumbler with its durable coating and easy to clean surface will give you a faster processing time that there’s no need to stop and clean tumblers throughout the day for just a simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water will surely help you remove any residue found.

If you are not still satisfied after reading all the background information about CenturionPro trimmer stated above, you will surely need to read the following details laid down below to remove all your doubts about this product! Check below 5 facts about CenturionPro Mini Trimmer:

Replacement of a 15-20 Human Trimmers

Despite of its small size, CenturionPro Mini is perfectly equipped to trim up to 50-60lbs of wet material or 10-12 lbs of dry material per hour and take note that this number is equivalent to replace 15-20 human trimmers on your team! Isn’t it incredible?

Doubles as a Kief Collector

If you’re looking for a trimmer that will ensure you the cleanest cut and is fast to clean-up? Then go for CenturionPro Mini! You will never regret using this trimmer because it comes with a powerful 1.5HP vacuum that produces 2000 CFM of pure suction. Also, this trimmer has a double bag system that collects trim and kief separately in order for you to not waste any of the products that can be used in the future.

Trims both Wet & Dry Material

Did you know that the CenturionPro Mini is an adaptable automatic bud trimmer that can trim both wet and dry material with a simple change of a tumbler? You heard it right! And what’s more amazing about this is that for this year (2019), each of the trimmers now has a set of wet and dry tumblers that able you to have complete control to trim your buds in ways that you want.

Hand-Trimmed Quality

If you’re doubting the capability of this trimmer you better not! Because even though it’s small in size its ability to replace human trimmers is really commendable because the quality is not sacrificed, thus, only proved that its engineering is well done.

Best Warranty

CenturionPro Solutions offers a 5-year warranty!

Did you know that CenturionPro Solutions uses the highest quality brand name parts sourced from North America in the build-out of the machines? Of course! You are assured of the High-quality components that were used to name it these are Baldor motors, Timken bearings, and Toro cutting reels. That’s why CenturionPro Solutions are able to offer the best warranty in the industry their machines are battle tested and have been put through the most rigorous “real life” conditions.

Just remember as long as you follow the operational/maintenance instructions, your machine will not quit on you!

Why you should purchase a trimming machine like CenturionPro Mini over hiring a team of hand trimmers?

After knowing the key features of CenturionPro Mini it’s important for you to know the reasons why you should go for a trimming machine rather than hiring professional trimmers in harvesting your crops:

There’s no motivation required

What’s the best option of either hiring a team of trimmers or purchasing a trimming machine? Although it’s still upon your decision of what will you push, most of the people in the growing industry go for trimming machines rather hiring human trimmers because trimming machines are fast to use because at one push of a button you can already start the trimming job!

Another amazing thing about having trimming machines is that you don’t have to worry anymore about the food or long lunch breaks like human trimmers need, with trimming machines as long as you can buck the stalks fast enough it will continue to process at a steady rate for up to 4 hours.

Then, after 4 hours of unit run time, you should take note that it’s highly suggested that the machine must be disconnected from power and should be lightly cleaned before restarting operation.

Lastly, using a trimming machine allows you to free up resources in your operation and allows you to do more with less. Why is this possible? Because you only need one person to run the machine while others can focus on bucking the stalks and moving product to drying racks or storage. And the best part is those other employees who would have been normally dedicated to trimming can now focus on their original roles and tasks.

Will surely help you to save money

Since trimming or harvesting is a crucial process you must really choose the best option and always remember to have balance this means that in choosing a certain product or making a decision you must always remember to put your crops as the priority that it will still have great quality until the end. Thus, with the use of trimming machines aside from having the best investment! Your life would also be easier because it’s portable and can break down for cleaning in just a few seconds. Plus, almost the entire machine can be pressure washed for easy cleanup.

Quality of product is consistent and marketable

In hand trimming, the results can be different because one person’s trimming capability is different from the other. Meanwhile, if you use a machine it will surely give you consistent products every time because most machines can be adjusted to deliver the level of trim you desire, thus, giving you uniform-trimmed output.

Also, trimming machines excel at trimming smaller flowers clusters that would often be ignored by hand trimmers. Trimming machines will give you a final trimmed product that will look the same batch after batch. This is impossible with hand trimming because there is a lot of factors that would affect the work such as tiredness, after a long day of trimming you cannot be so sure that they did it consistently thus leads to inconsistent results. This only proved that trimming machines are always ready to deliver beautiful results time and time again.

Continuous improvement and scalability

As your seed to shelf life-cycle continuously improve your harvest methods should too, don’t let epic strains and huge flowers be your only focus. Supplementing your harvest with a trimming machine yields instant ROI in time savings. Why? Because trimming machines are easily scalable, unlike trimming crews. Adding another trimming machine to your fleet is as simple as renting or buying another unit, on the other hand, hiring new members for your trimming takes time and energy that you could be spending elsewhere.

To make it clearer, adding another machine is equivalent to adding 25 people to the operation. Thus, you can really be sure that the trimming would be fast and can give you high-quality results. Another amazing thing about  Trimming machines is that you can also paired it with other accessories in order to make trimming even more efficient.

Machine Speficiations 

Input Voltage: 6 Amp - 110V
Length: 25"(63.5cm)
Width: 10"(25.4cm)
Height: 24" (60.9cm)
Weight: 65 lbs (29.48 kg)

Leaf Collector Speficiations 

Input Voltage: 14 Amp - 110V
Length: 24"(60.9cm)
Width: 23" (38.4cm)
Height: 23" (38.4cm)
Weight: 60 lbs (27.22 kg)
Airflow Capacity: 2,000 CFM


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