Everything you need to know about the Nugsmasher XP

Everything you need to know about the Nugsmasher XP

Are you tired of struggling with rosin presses that cannot control the pressure or heat? Are you frustrated with the disappointing results from your existing rosin press? This is your lucky day because the Nugsmasher XP is here to make your life and your rosin so much better!

Take your rosin pressing to the next level with the Nugsmasher XP! This fantastic machine features an extremely precise pressure gauge along with temperature controls that allow you to pinpoint the exact pressure and temperature you want.

The Nugsmasher XP is hassle-free thanks to its unique plug and play design. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, wait for the plates to heat up and you’re ready to begin extracting high-quality rosins.

This rosin press is considered one of the best rosin presses on the market due to its ability to deliver an incredible 12 tons of manually controlled pressure across its 4" x 6" plates and quad 160W heating elements. Additionally, the XP is capable of efficiently processing up to 28 grams of material at a time and features built-in LED lights for easy viewing so you spend less time pressing and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor thanks to one of the easiest to use and most precise presses you can buy!

Hands down the best bang for your buck!

Manufactured From High-Quality Materials

Just like the Nugsmasher Mini, Nugsmasher Original, Nugsmasher X, Nugsmasher Touch and Nugsmasher Pro, the Nugsmasher XP was designed and engineered by extraction experts and constructed from high-quality materials in the company’s 40,000 square foot machine and fabrication workshop. This machine is crafted by experienced, skilled professionals and the industry’s leading designers, builders, engineers, and fabricators.

Easy to Set-up

The Nugsmasher XP is hassle-free to set up and begin pressing because everything you need to get started is already included in the box. All you need to do is plug the device in, wait for it to heat up, and in minutes you're ready to start extracting beautifully pressed rosin.

Safety Circuit Breakers

When using a rosin press, safety must always be the top priority. Like you’ve come to expect with other Nugsmasher machines, the Nugsmasher XP also has safety circuit breakers that will protect and secure you as you go through the pressing process. This easy-to-use press has a methodically routed three sub-circuit and primary power circuit with only the highest quality, resettable circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are conveniently installed on the machine's front panel that allows easy access, monitoring, and resetting.

Precise Temperature Controls

The NugSmasher XP has the most accurate and precise temperature controls of any rosin press on the market today. Like other Nugsmaher rosin presses, the XP is designed with an easy access interface on the front of the device so you can easily set the temperature that best suits your material to be pressed and let your NugSmasher XP do the rest.
One of the best things about this rosin press is that its aluminum plates are designed to both quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperatures across their surface areas during the entire extraction process.

Thermally Isolated Heat Plates

The NugSmasher XP’s plates are thermally isolated, just like with the Mini, Original, X, Touch, and Pro models. This systematic design removes any unwanted heat transfer from your pressing area. That means you’ll save power by maintaining efficiency and also helps you to keep the plates heated to your desired temperature consistently and accurately.

Built-In Pressure Gauge

If you have dreamt of a rosin press that will give you the freedom to set the perfect amount of pressure for your materials, then the Nugsmasher XP is all you need. As you know, to create high-quality rosin you need to be able to accurately and precisely measure and apply the correct amount of pressure and be able to repeat that same pressure and temperature every time for optimal results. The NugSmasher XP features a built-in pressure gauge so you can pinpoint the perfect amount of pressure for your material to maximize the quality and volume of your yield.
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