5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Bud Trimmers

When you’ve spent as much time in the industry as we have, you’ll come across a ton of questions both from yourself and from your customers. While the breadth of knowledge that comes with proper bud trimming is 

1. Is Wet Trimming Better than Dry Trimming or Vice Versa?

In short, no, there is no correct way to trim – it all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking to get out of your trimmed product.

Dry trimming gives you a more potent smelling end product with sugar leaves largely intact. This means a higher level of potency from your trimmed products.

Wet trimming is easier and faster but will produce a less potent smelling end product. Due to how much faster wet trimming is, you will be able to process a much, much higher volume of product than with dry trimming.

Want to learn more? Read about the differences of wet trimming and dry trimming here.

2. When Can I Expect an ROI (return on Investment) on my Bud Trimmer?

This is a tough, but not impossible, question to answer as there are a ton of variables that go into what your current hand trimming methods costs. However, if you’re employing a lot of people to trim a lot of bud by hand, your trimmer could pay itself off in just a few days. Let’s take a look at an example of how.

For illustration, imagine you have a 100-pound harvest. 4 people, each capable of trimming a single pound per day, are employed to tackle the harvest. Each employee costs $125 per day. This means that you will be paying $125 per trimmed pound or $500 per day for 4 pounds.

If each of the 4 employees works at a consistent rate of 1 pound per day it will take them 25 days to trim the entire harvest. Since you’re paying each employee $125 per day for each of those 25 days, you will be left with a total trimming bill of $12,500 at the end of the harvest ($125 per day x 4 employees x 25 total trimming days).

Alternatively, you can purchase something like our Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer for $2,599.99 capable of trimming up to 40 pounds of material per day. If you employ this machine for the same 100-pound harvest used in our above example, you will finish the job in 1.5 days for $2,599.99. This means that you will save $9,900 and get the job done 23.5 days faster.

After considering such an example, it’s easy to see why an automatic trimming machine saves not only an immense amount of money, but time as well.

3. Can the Quality Match Hand Trimmed Buds?

In short, yes, they can. These machines have become sophisticated enough that they are able to remove a large amount of unwanted plant material leaving you with a beautifully trimmed final product. In some cases, it may even be better than hand trimming.

4. How Often Should I Clean My Machine?

To ensure you’re always getting the cleanest, closest cut, many manufacturers recommend that you clean your machine every 3-4 hours of operation. Nearly every machine we stock is very easily disassembled (which very clear, informative manuals included in the box) for easy and quick cleaning. Furthermore, these machines are extremely rugged which allows you to use a power washer to get the job done even faster.

5. What Is The Best Bud Trimmer?

None of the trimmers we stock are bad, by any means as we pride ourselves in stocking ONLY the best quality products. However, that’s not to say that these machines don’t have their distinct uses.

First of all, there are many different trimmers that cater specifically towards dry or wet trimming. Top selling wet trimming machines include the Centurion Pro Gladiator as well as the Twister T2S. Alternatively, top selling dry machines include the above mentioned Triminator Mini and the Twister T6 (which can also be used with wet material).

Another thing to consider is size, while the Triminator Mini and Twister T6 may your needs (coming in at under $3,000) and capable of processing upwards of 40 pounds per day, machines like the Twister T2S and Triminator XL Dry are capable of processing well over 200 pounds of material per day but are quite a bit more expensive clocking in closer to $10,000.

This is why it’s wise to understand the size of your harvest as well as what type of final product you want before picking out your trimmer.

Need more help picking out the perfect trimmer for you? Shoot us an email at info@rightbud.com or give us a call at  1(800)856-7140 and we will be more than happy to pick out the perfect machine for you.
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