NugSmasher - The Complete Review 2019

NugSmasher - The Complete Review 2019

With every booming industry comes a plethora of different manufacturers of all shapes and sizes creating all different types of products. Rosin presses are no different and heading into 2019, rosin presses are some of the most highly sought after products for indoor plant enthusiasts looking to extract rosin.

Unfortunately, with such a wide array of different manufacturers comes a lot of low-quality products. When it comes to extracting rosin, quality is of the utmost concern. Low-quality presses from low-quality manufacturers mean a poor final product.

Luckily, for every poor manufacturer, there is a great one as well. NugSmasher, one of the hottest brands in the rosin pressing industry, is without a doubt one of these great manufacturers.

Producing several different models of manual rosin presses, NugSmasher is quickly becoming a household name when it comes to personal rosin pressing. Each of these presses has their respective uses but they all have some fundamental things in common: they are all incredibly high quality, and they all come with a lifetime, no question asks manufacturer backed warranty.

Let’s dive into NugSmasher’s different offerings and see what they have to offer.

NugSmasher Mini - $496

First up is the NugSmasher Mini – an extremely portable, yet very powerful offering from NugSmasher. This press features manual operation like its larger brothers but comes in a much more compact package. At just  7 inches wide and 14 inches tall, the NugSmasher Mini is truly a countertop rosin press. However, don’t let its small footprint fool you, the NugSmasher Mini is a truly capable machine with a whopping 2 tons of pressure coupled with dual 70W heating elements and 2.5” squash plates. All of this together allows the Mini to press up to 3.5g of plant material at a time.


NugSmasher Original - $796

Next up is the NugSmasher Original – the press that really started it all. This press is the de facto solution when it comes to personal manual rosin pressing. Similar to the Mini the NugSmasher Original is quite a portable machine at 9 inches wide and 17.75 inches tall. However, the NugSmasher Original bumps up the pressure to a full 12 tons. Complete with dual 160W heating elements and 4” x 4” squash plates, the NugSmasher Original is able to tear through 14 grams of material at a time.


NugSmasher XP - $1,496

At first blush, the NugSmasher XP may look similar to the NugSmasher Original, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. Clocking in at 9 inches wide and 19 inches tall, the NugSmasher XP has a 4 160W heating elements, 4” x 6” squash plates and a hydraulic pressure gauge. All of this coupled with its 12 tons of pressure make it capable of extracting 28 grams of material at a time. Though it can process double the amount as the NugSmasher Original, its larger plates, and additional heating elements makes for a much higher final yield than one would expect. 


NugSmasher Pro - $3,596

Finally, we have the NugSmasher Pro – the granddaddy of the NugSmasher line up. Taking everything that makes the Mini, Original and XP great and going a step further. The Pro has massive 7” x 10” squash plates, 6 160W heating elements, dual controllers and a hydraulic pressure gauge. All of this together makes the NugSmasher Pro capable of processing up to 112 grams of material at a time while maintaining a sleek 14.75-inch wide and 25.25-inch tall body. However, what makes the NugSmasher Pro unique is that it is truly a hybrid press. While it can be manually operated like its smaller brothers, it can also be hooked up to an external air compressor turning it into a fully automatic pneumatic press.


NugSmasher Rosin Presses

All in all, NugSmasher has one of the most fully fleshed out lineups on the rosin press market today. Whether you’re looking to go small with the Mini, bump up your personal pressing with the Original or XP or even go commercial with the Pro, NugSmasher has you covered. To make the deal even sweeter, NugSmasher provides a full lifetime warranty on all of their machines, no questions asked. Couple that with our 30-day money back guarantee and you have one of the sweetest deals on the market today.


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