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About us

When searching for indoor grow equipment, it's imperative to browse an expansive selection of only the highest quality, state of the art devices to make sure you get the absolute perfect product for any given application. We know this, and that's why we founded Rightbud. As veterans of the industry, we recognized the need for a one-stop, all inclusive destination for everything indoor grow. We took our vision and partnered with the leading names in the business to give you the best selection of the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price straight from the manufacturer. To top it all off, we rigorously vet our customer service staff to ensure to ensure that you are met with only the highest levels of customer support and care. 

What we do

Our team is comprised of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. We have taken this knowledge and applied it to create the greatest selection of indoor grow equipment available. Partnering directly with leading manufacturers, we ship directly from the manufacturer straight to your doorstep, so you can be guaranteed the highest quality products complete with full manufacturer backed warranties and training at the absolute lowest possible price.

The Vision of Rightbud

We understand the hassles of having to visit store after store to find the right equipment you need for your indoor grow - be it on a hobby or commercial scale. Managing receipts, tracking multiple shipments, and finding out of stock products can be a thing of the past. We've pulled out all of the stops to provide the #1 online destination for indoor grow equipment from cultivation to processing. To further our vision, we've staffed our customer care centers with only the most knowledgeable folk ready and willing to serve you on a moment’s notice, no matter what you need. We believe that a happy customer is one who has a seamless, effortless experience before, during, and years after a purchase.

Our History

As veterans of the industry, we've noticed massive growth and potential for improvement in the buying process associated with indoor grow equipment. Only now has everything aligned to allow us to provide you with the best selection of equipment for the lowest possible price on the internet shipped directly to your door in a timely, discreet manner. As we continue to improve, you can expect and look forward to seeing our virtual shelves continuously improve as we take every possible measure to ensure you are provided with the most epic selection of indoor grow equipment in existence.

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