Top 10 LED Grow Lights of 2019


What are the Top 10 LED Grow Lights of 2019?For those who are not yet familiar with this kind of lights and are planning to buy one. Our website is a great help for you in choosing the best LED grow lights by just looking into our listed TOP 10 LED Grow Lights for this year.

To give you a short background of these lights - LED or Light Emitting Diode grow lights are very essential and helpful for indoor growers because these lights can be a supplement to natural light or sunlight.

We know that there are lots of LED grow lights in the market to choose from, with more coming out each year. But, what makes one better than the other? So aside of listing the Top 10 LED Grow Lights of 2019 we also included specific tips and advantages of these lights to serve as guidelines for you before purchasing. 


There are a couple of things you surely need to consider before choosing the best LED grow lights:


You must need to know the measurements of your grow space that you want to cover with your LED lights. This is very important because each light has a maximum range of space that it can cover.


You must need to know that the brand and quality of the light is very important. Always remember that the higher-quality lights usually yield the best results. Prices might be quite expensive in most lights, but surely it’s worth-buying because of its proven and tested results!


You must need to know that a full spectrum LED grow light is a big help of your plants growth. It's important to have a powerful light, with different wave lengths to ensure maximum growth. Most LED lights have a various of colors being released (full light spectrum) - the best lights offer the full range, including UV light.

Electrical Usage

You must need to know that your LED lights must have durability and great electrical efficiency. Take note that a good LED light should be operating for at least 10-12 hours a day. When choosing a good and high-quality LED light, you will need to closely understand what the total output is (ex.1000w, 400w, 300w, etc). The higher you go, the more powerful and more likely leads to less electrical usage (and this could be beneficial for you).

Light Control

You must need to know that your plants should receive the proper and exact amount of lighting depending on its stage. It's very important that the light cycles must be followed because it can greatly affect the growth and potency of your plants. Look below is the breakdown of the stages and the amount of time to be followed:

Seedling Stage: 16 hours on, 8 hours off
Vegetative Stage: 18 hours on, 6 hours off
Flowering Stage: 12 hours on, 12 hours off


NextLight Mega

Do you want to grow your plants with higher yields faster and more efficiently than ever before? Then, NextLight Mega is what you’re looking for!

The Nextlight Mega which is released in 2016 is the replacement of the 1000 watt double-sided HPS which draws only a maximum of 650 watts. This product uses only half the energy and 75% less heat than a standard DE 1000 watt HPS grow light.

Thanks to the competence and quality of Mega’s LED technology, you can finally save time and money with this product. With its 100,000-hour lifespan, you can run these lights for over 11-years with continuous 24/7 use. It will also give you better results by helping you cut your energy costs in half and stop bulb replacements costs.

When it comes to spectrum, Nextlight Mega was made to closely mimic the natural spectrum of the sun giving your plants the absolutely optimal conditions without the high energy requirements and heat output found in a 1000w HPS light. It has also a full white light spectrum that is more convenient and cost-effective for you to use. You don’t anymore need to switch between veg and flowering light because of the product’s single light that can surely take your plants from seed all the way to harvest. 

The NextLight Mega is a product from USA and a top choice for commercial grows because of its perfect fixture for tents, grow rooms, or commercial grows.  It measures 37" x 37" in which the wide part and thin profile of it allows the heat to dissolve without additional heatsinks or fans. It also helps in creating a more even footprint that has no any hotspots or low PAR readings.

I am over the moon for these LED grow lights. Such an amazing product every grower needs! ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Wattage draw: 650W (replaces comparable 1000 watt DE HPS)
  • Coverage area: Up to 5’ x 5’ Flower (25 sq. ft.) or 7' x 7’ Veg (49 sq. ft.)
  • PPF: 1400 umol/s
  • Spectrum: 3000K and 5000K (4000K average) White Diodes 
  • Operating Voltage: 120-240 (comes with both 120v and 240v cords)
  • Warranty: 5-year full


NextLight Veg8

Are you tired of using your fluorescent 8-tube T5 in making your plants grow faster with tighter inter-nodal spacing and will increase to more production? Don’t worry we have a solution for you. You need a NextLight Veg8!

The NextLight Veg8 is part of the NextLight Commercial Series which is specially designed to meet the needs of most commercial and home growers. We understand that most indoor growers usually encounter problems like excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat. The NextLight Veg8 alleviates all of these issues with its 1.94 PPF/Watt, thus, making this product as the most efficient full spectrum LED 8 tube T5 replacement.

This product has a 100,000-hour life rating and is UL listed. It is full spectrum, bright white LED grow light that provides the same qualities of the sun in which plants do love since it doesn’t have negatives of high energy requirements and high heat. Using this product, you can see the faster growth, tighter inter-nodal spacing and increased production overall of your plants.

Do the research. The Nextlight Veg8 is the best veg light on the market today. ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Wattage draw: 190W
  • Coverage area: 8 sq ft (24'' x 48'') (2 ft x 4 ft veg footprint and eliminates the need to ever change a bulb again)
  • PPF: 350 umol/s
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum white for seed to flower; mix of 3000K and 5000K diodes
  • Operating Voltage: 120v or 240v options (non-flexible voltage, plug is hardwired to unit); 1.6A @ 120V, 0.8A @ 240V; 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 5-year full


California Lightworks SolarSystem 550

Is your current LED grow light not enough to cover your whole grow area? Are you tired in changing your bulb always? Then, the California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 is the right product you’ve always wanted!  

It’s time to replace older inefficient fixed spectrum lighting systems and switch to SolarSystem 550. This product is a game changer in indoor and greenhouse lighting for horticulture. It can cover any size of grow areas whether large or small while cutting energy usage and eliminating the need to change bulbs.  

The SS 550 is compact and lightweight yet puts out more light than much larger LED grow lights and will replace a 600 watt HPS system. This product is powerful enough for veg or bloom, the SS 550 features fully programmable spectrum control with the optional Solarsystem Controller. In addition, the controller gives you the freedom to manually or automatically adjust each of the three separate light spectrum channels from 0% to 99% using the built-in timer and calendar.

  • Channel 1 - Red & Deep Red
  • Channel 2 - Natural White View Mode
  • Channel 3 - Blue and Deep Blue

On the other hand, SS550 will produce the same yield as an HPS or MH light with an average of 40% less energy usage. What’s unique of this product is that it uses an exclusive active heat management system from California Lightworks which results from higher power equals higher yields. Its spectrum mixes have been determined from 8 years of experience with the California Lightworks grower network, and are supported by various university studies on varying spectrum effects on Plant Morphology.

In general, blue light is essential in vegetative growth and produces lush growth and bushy plants. Red tends to make plants stretch in vegetative growth but is key for high yields in fruit or flowering plants. The SolarSystem 550 allows you to dial in exactly the spectrum mix needed for any phase of growth.

The SS 550 features 50,000 hour rated LEDs and fans. The Plug and play design of the product having no external ballasts or ducting is an advantage because it makes the installation a simple one-person job.

Having this California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 will make your life much easier because aside of you will never change your bulb again. You also have the industry’s most efficient lighting system.

The 550 works brilliantly! ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Power Consumption: 0-400 W
  • Light Output: PPF 642
  • Spectrum Control: Digital/Programmable
  • Auto Voltage: 90-277 V
  • Maximum Current: 3.3A @ 120V & 1.65A @ 240V
  • Frequency: 50-60 HZ
  • Heat Output - BTU: 1289
  • Operation Temperature: 0-107 F
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • Coverage Area - Bloom: 3x4
  • Coverage Area - Veg: Up to 6x8
  • LED Lifetime Rating: 50 000+
  • Warranty: 5-year full


California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100

Are you already annoyed with your large energy consumption? And wanted to replace your current 1000 watt HPS system? No need to worry because California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 is here to help you!

The SolarSystem 1100 (SS 1100) is the most powerful light we’ve ever made. In the beginning of 2018, the California Lightworks take the SolarSystem series efficiency into the next level by 25% (from 1.55 umol/j to 2.2 umol/j). This product is an upgraded version featuring UVB light bars on each side of the grow light.

SS1100 has a fully customizable spectrum, timing, dimming, and scheduling control with the optional controller. This is a perfect setup for fans of the discontinued SolarStorm 880 since, SS 1100 will produce the same yield as a 1000 Watt HPS or MH light with an average of 40% less energy usage. Using its advanced spectrum control system it will further increase efficiency and yield compared to old fashion fixed spectrum lighting.

Just like the SS50, the SolarSystem 1100 has also the California Lightworks' LED fixtures that are plug and play and very light in weight so installation is easier. Add that to the advantage of never changing a bulb and you have the industry’s most efficient lighting system.

Incredible design on the CL1100. You won't be disappointed! ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Power Consumption: 800 Watts
  • Light Output: PPF 1284
  • Spectrum Control: Yes
  • Auto Voltage: 90 - 227v
  • Maximum Current: 6.6A @ 120V, 3.3A @ 240V
  • Frequency: 50-60 HZ
  • Heat Output: BTU 2550
  • Operational Temperature 0-107 F
  • Power Factor: > 0.95
  • Coverage Area: Bloom 4x4
  • Coverage Area: Veg - Up to 8x8
  • LED Lifetime Rating: 50 000+
  • Thermal Management - Active
  • Dimming 3 Channel 0%-100%
  • Warranty: 5 full-year


Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 LED Grow Light

Are you looking for a LED grow light that suitable for veg and bloom and that has a reliable passive cooled design? Then, you’re looking for Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 LED Grow Light!

HLG550 V2 indoor horticulture LED Lamp was released in the middle of 2018 and it is designed to replace a single ended 1000W HID and only draws 480 watts at the wall.  Each lamp uses 4 of our custom designed High efficiency white light Quantum Boards made by Samsung with a power of 500 Watts and a 1152 highest output Samsung LM301B LED.

As of June 2018, the HLG550 V2 indoor horticulture LED Lamp became one of the most efficient LED grow lights in the market because of the entire unit’s PAR efficiency which is a staggering 2.5 umol/j.

The unit has a reliable passive cooled design and does not contain any cooling fans. It has a high efficiency white light Quantum Boards that sit on an anodized aluminum heatsink panel. In which the back of the panel contains a Mean Well HLG driver, dimmable down to 250 watts. HLG550 V2 also have a White Light Full Spectrum for better results.

In addition, the unit measures 26"x20" and weighs only 18 lbs and designed to flower up to a 4.5’x4.5’ area or veg a 6’x6’ area. Its 3000K spectrum is ideal for full-cycle growth from veg to harvest for larger yields. And if you want to keep your plants stout during veg and increase quality during flower you can use its 4000K spectrum which is best for this purpose.

I cannot say enough about this light. All of the Growers that hate on LED lighting have not experienced this grow light yet. The crew at Horticulture Lighting Group have taken LEDs to the next level. Not to mention the design and Sleek look of this light. So to the crew at Horticulture Lighting Group thank you for making a quality product. I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with next! ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Power: 240-500 Watts
  • Voltage Range: 90-277 VAC
  • LED: 1152 pcs Samsung 301B
  • Flowering Footprint: 4.5'X4.5' or 5'X5'
  • Veg Footprint: 6'X6'
  • System Efficiency: 171 Lm/W
  • System PPF Efficacy: 2.5 μmol/joule
  • Total output: 1178.05 PPF
  • Dimensions: 26"X20"x3"
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 22-32 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years


Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800

Are you finding a perfect LED grow light that is suitable for smaller grows that saves save energy and space without sacrificing the light quality or intensity? Then, the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800 is the answer!

Black Dog LED released the PhytoMAX-2 series in early 2017. With the product’s 840 actual watts and 1282 μMol/s total photon flux, the patent-pending grow lights are perfect for smaller grows where it's important to save energy and space without sacrificing light quality or intensity. Take note that it has a free pair of ratchet hangers included with every fixture!

PhytoMAX-2 series are engineered to deliver the most powerful and reliable, truly full-spectrum (365-750nm, UV to NIR) LED plant grow lights. It features one ideal spectrum for both the vegetative and flowering phases which eliminates growth stalling also known as shock that is associated with changing the spectrum from MH to HPS (Veg to Flower).

By using the same spectrum for vegetative and flowering cycles, Black Dog eliminates this shock, and have noticed a decrease in flower time (1-3 days) and a larger yield when the plant was grown for its entire life under one spectrum. The mentioned spectrum ranges from UVA to NIR and includes a healthy amount of green to naturalize the light for easy viewing and to help increase photosynthesis under the canopy.

In addition, the product uses only the highest-quality, latest-technology, top-bin LEDs to deliver Black Dog LED's proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum evenly over the entire footprint, with unprecedented PAR levels, canopy penetration and yields. The product has a combination of 15 different spectra in which each  has included color targets particularly phytoreceptors / photopigments to help grow a healthier, higher-quality, more disease-resistant plants.

It targets not only photosynthetic (chlorophyll / carotenoid) peaks but also increases essential oil production, flavor, antioxidants / vitamins and pigmentation with UV light. It also includes near infrared (NIR) light to boost photosynthetic efficiency through the Emerson Effect.


  • Wattage draw: 840W
  • Coverage area: 4’x4’ to 6’x6’
  • PPF: 1282 umol/s
  • Spectrum: PhytoGenesis Spectrum (UVA to far red)
  • Efficiency: Estimated at 1.52 umol/j
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Optic LED Optic 8+

Looking for a LED grow light that will significantly increases the bud density, colors, and the overall quality of the trichrome of your flowers? Then, the Optic LED Optic 8+ is what you really need!

Optic LED Optic 8+ was released in late 2017 in which the Optic LED has seamlessly integrated eight of CREE's highest yielding COBs (XLAMP CXB3590) with industry’s leading glass optical projection lenses that will give you unprecedented light penetration. The combination of these two technologies combined with proprietary blend of 3 watt Osram LEDs will give you significantly improved grams per watt yield and significant increases in bud density, coloring of your flowers and overall quality of trichomes.

It also features CREE CXB3590 which is considered as the CREE's biggest and most efficient COB with max power of 132W and has high quality glass optics spot that beams the light into a concentrated area further enhancing the light intensity, Par output & light penetration by up to 200%.

Using this product you can expect to yield up to 2.5 pounds per harvest which is an incredible 2.25 grams per watt. It produces 29% more light than our Optic 6 while using 20% less power and emitting substantially less heat.

Optic LED Optic 8+ is recommended for Grow tents that measures (4x4), (5x5), (8x8), and (10x10), ideal for all-sizes Grow rooms, perfect for full-cycle growing from seedling to flower, and suitable for soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems.

Rightbud is a great company to purchase from! They've been helpful before, during and after the purchase. The Optic 8+ seriously rocks!★★★★★ 5/5


  • Cooling: Pin Heatsink for Passive Cooling (No fan)
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Cool White
  • Coverage Footprint: 3' x 3' area @ 18-24" hanging height
  • CRI: 80
  • Ethicacy: 2.15
  • Forward Voltage: 36V
  • Max Current Drive: 3600ma
  • Actual Power Draw: 54 watts
  • COB LED Max Power: 132 Watts
  • Lifetime: 50,000 Hours (8.5 years @16hrs daily use)
  • Light Fixtures: 1x Optic 1 Grow Light
  • Driver: Meanwell
  • Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord
  • Dimming: No dimmer needed on with fixture
  • Hanger: Built in
  • Warranty: Lifetime Replacement Warranty


The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300

Are you looking for a wide-band grow light that uses the newest spectrum and light distribution technology that will help your plants grow faster in veg and creates larger flower yields? Then, The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 is what you’re looking for!

The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 was released in the middle of 2017. It is a 300 watt wide-band grow light that uses the newest spectrum and light distribution technology. This is a unique full spectrum that is heavy in wideband red (red to far red) that aids rapid growth and grows large flowers.

It has also a patent-pending GS1 spectrum that grows plants faster in veg and creates larger flower yields and has the Industry’s first linear lenses that send light in two directions, providing both downward intensity and side-to-side uniformity. Don’t worry if the Green Sunshine company will release new lenses in the future because the product’s lenses are removable so they can be easily replaced.

The Beginner and expert growers will appreciate the product’s ability to fine-tune the canopy of light by adjusting the positioning of units to create the perfect Electric Sky for any garden size.

Take note of the eight following highlights of this Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES300 that will make you say that this is a worth-buy product.

It has one: Edge-to-Edge Growth which keeps the whole garden brighter. More yield and less burn. Two:  Modular System that create a "sky" to fit any space and able you to expand the system with regards to your needs. Three: Passive Cooling in which it has a silent operation with no moving parts that can fail or break. Fourth: Replaceable parts and upgradeable LEDs. Future-proof. Fifth: Unique spectrums it has a near-white spectrum that shows plants in true color, a full-spectrum output from next-gen wideband LEDs, and a scientific spectrum that makes fast and healthy growth. Sixth: Dual-direction lenses that focus and evenly scatter light. Seventh: it has no harmful UVB rays. Lastly, No bulb changes and you can save 40% of energy vs. HID.

I have to say, I was soooooo skeptical about buying these lights. Studying for about a month on which lights to buy, comparing specs, reviews, spectrums, and power consumption. The whole nine yards. The new technology is what piqued my interest. So I dove in. I got two ES300’s in a 4x4. My plants LOVE this light! The growth is ridiculous!!! Flowers are bigger!!! Smell is stronger!!! ★★★★★ 5/5


  • Power Use: 300 Watts
  • Energy Source: 100-270 Volts
  • Diodes: Wideband Mid Power Diodes
  • Light Output: Equivalent to 500 Watts of HID Light
  • Heat Output: Low
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Growth Stage: Vegetative & Flowering
  • Light Footprint: 3’ x 6’
  • Height From Plant: 18"- 48"
  • Estimated Life: 60,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 5 years


Amare SolarEclipse SE500

Are you familiar with the SolarEclipse 450? You’ll be truly amazed because it’s now upgraded into its next level and now allows you to view your plants in a natural white light! Presenting the Amare SolarEclipse SE500!

The Amare SolarEclpse 500 was upgraded from the SolarEclipse 450 in late 2017 and is now more powerful and efficient. This light is about equivalent to an 800W HID. The fixture features white-light technology via six powerful High-Intensity COB emitters. The CREE CXB3070 COB LEDs are housed in a patented reflector array and come with removable secondary optics. 60 supplemental 5-watt Cree diodes surround each COB. In the middle of the panel sits a fluorescent UVB bulb for the added boost to increase resin production. The COBs, 5-watt emitters, and the UVB bulb can all be switched on/off independently.

The COBs and supplemental diodes create the perfect spectrum. A large amount of green light in the spectrum helps to drive photosynthesis more efficiently than red and blue light and to better penetrate the canopy. It also allows you to view your plants in a natural white light.

The quality of this LED grow light does not stop at the surface. The heat management system contains 4 premium high-CFM ball-bearing fans and proprietary copper-core heat-sinks.


  • Wattage draw: 500W
  • Coverage area: Up to 4’x4’ (for flower) 4.5’x4.5’ (for veg)
  • PPF: 1005 umol/s
  • Spectrum: Enhanced white light spectrum peaking at 660nm; UVB to far red
  • Efficiency (umol/w/s): 1.96
  • Warranty: 5 years


Kind LED XL1000

Do you want to not only adjust the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of your plants, but also allows for specific spectrum control for nearly any type of plant genus applications? Then, you must try the Kind LED XL1000!

Kind LED's K5 series is truly one of a kind including its brand new XL1000 LED Grow Light. Each light in the series is comprised of 3 & 5 watt light emitting diodes. Each primary range of the photosynthetic spectrum can be individually intensified and dimmed giving your plants the ideal spectral ratio from seed all the way to harvest.

Trust us, the product’s set up is no joke! Kind LED XL1000 features an extra-large footprint that has not only other LED lights paling in comparison, but also matches traditional grow lighting which is first in the LED field. All using half the electricity and producing a mere fraction of the heat of HID lighting. And each Secondary Optical Lense can be individually focused and intensified resulting in magnified PAR and increased canopy penetration.

It also features stage ‘mother earth’ function that allows you to mimic the great outdoors like never before seen in indoor growing, slowly waking your plants up in the morning and seeing them to bed every night. 8 separately set stages allow for light to gently turn on in the ‘morning’ (sunrise), intensify into full power (full day sun), then gently off in the ‘evening’ (sunset). Each of these stages can be set to the user’s desired duration and desired spectrum intensities.

This product has true to spec harvest expectations. Through extensive testing and research, you can save 30-40% of electricity using this product. Kind LED’s 1000 watt equivalent light draws about 650 watts or about 60% of what a 1000 watt HPS would make. But that’s just the light, add up all the other savings in equipment needed for heat management in a traditional HPS room.

Not only that, KIND LED's K5 series will guarantee you that they will give you the biggest and best yields you've ever experienced, in terms of both quality and quantity while producing less heat and noise.


  • Actual Wattage: 650w
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 20″ x 3.5″
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • HID Wattage Equivalent: 1000w
  • Total Diodes: 320
  • Diode Wattage: Perfect Mix of 3w & 5w
  • Footprint: 5′ x 5′
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
  • Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz – Suitable for Global Energy Environment
  • Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC
  • Amperage: 5.25
  • Kind Factor: 10/10
  • Warranty: 3 years 


✔ Less Electricity

The No. 1 reason why gardeners use LED grow lights is to save much electricity. The latest LED grow lights typically provide a 40 to 50% reduction in lighting Watts consumed to illuminate an area than other garden lighting sources.

 Less Heat

LED lights produce less heat because less Watts are being consumed. In addition LEDs do not instantly convert more than half of the watts consumed into infrared heat, as their HPS/MH counterparts do.

 Less Air Conditioning

When summer season will come, many gardeners choose to shut down their operations because of the cost of external heat issues. But, through the LED grow lights gardeners can use smaller exhaust and intake fans since they only consume less electricity and only need smaller filters. This can be a great help to save money and time.

✔ Easy Setup

LED grow lights are very simple to install you will just hang them up and plug them in. You don’t need any more to set-up bulky and complicated reflectors for your grow spaces.

✔ No Lamp Changes

Once hung up, an LED grow light can be operated for more than 11 years on a 12/12 schedule with zero maintenance. During this entire period there are no lamp changes, which means no lamps to buy, drop, be burned by or dispose of as toxic waste.


Give us a call at +1 (800) 856-7140 and one of our grow experts will be happy to help!
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