Top 5 best-selling Mini Portable Rosin Presses of 2019

Top 5 best-selling Mini Portable Rosin Presses of 2019 - Small heat presses that will surely fit in your backpacks!

Before, people had so many problems in dealing with their own homemade DIY rosin press setups due to their lack of parts and the fact they were not intended for this type of use. That’s why you’re lucky enough to grab this chance today in meeting the well-developed pressing machines, thanks to the advancement of technology and the people who brought magic to the garden industry!

One of the most reviewed products in the "garden" industry today is the rosin press because the users find it very useful and time efficient. They also consider rosin presses as the “most powerful and efficient processing facility at all times,” because it has many excellent benefits.

The problem now, if you’re still a newbie in the rosin industry you are inevitably lost and having a hard time in finding the right press that will equal your needs and standards. Worse, it’s even harder to choose among the hundreds of rosin presses that are on the market today.

So, if you are either a newbie or pro in this industry and looking for the ultimate light-weight, portable personal rosin press that can be brought anywhere, but can be as powerful as the other rosin presses available. Then, these Mini Portable Rosin Presses are perfect for you!

Researching and finding quality small rosin presses is not easy and can cause you to consume a bunch of time. Don’t worry because we got you! This article will narrow down the long list of the Mini Portable Rosin Presses available in the market today. Below, we listed the Top 5 best-selling Mini Portable Rosin Presses of 2019:

NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Manual Rosin Press

If you’re looking for an affordable mini portable rosin press but will assure you of its high-quality parts, then the NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Manual Rosin Press is meant for you!

NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Manual Rosin Press is considered as the best overall Mini press and the top overall choice for rosin consumers, because it offers an affordable price but has an assured quality. Among all the mini portable rosin presses, Nugsmasher mini is the best-selling and considered as the highest rated personal rosin press on the market today.

This thing is great for personal home use.You dont need to ball out on a rosin machine unless your going commercial. Just plug it right in let it warm up and lets start making some nice home made rosin! Always remember what you put in is what you get out!! Absolutely love this little thing. It has already paid itself back!★★★★★ 5/5

Why choose Nugsmasher Mini?

Made from High-quality materials:

Nugsmasher Mini is part of the Nugsmasher series that will again amaze you! You can rest assured that Nugsmasher Mini like the other nugsmasher products is made from high-quality materials because it’s designed and built by Professionals in Corona, California in their 40,000 square foot machine and fabrication workshop. This machine is crafted by skilled professionals composed of the industry’s leading and experienced designers, builders, engineers, and fabricators.

This machine is also considered as one of the most rugged rosin presses on the market and titled as "being built like a tank." If you doubt the machine’s frame, well doubt no more! Because Nugsmasher Mini has a dependable interlocked USA sourced structural steel for the machine's frame and aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined in-house.

There’s also a bonus for you as a buyer! This machine comes with a full, manufacturer backed lifetime warranty, so it will help you save money.

Easy to setup machine:

Unlike other rosin presses that require additional accessories such as an air compressor, NugSmasher Mini is different. This machine will not give you such headaches in setting up because everything you need to begin pressing is already included in the box. All you need to do is plug the device in, then wait for it to heat up and finally! You're ready to begin extracting beautifully pressed rosin.

Safety Circuit Breakers

When using rosin presses, safety must always be the top priority, and so with the Nugsmasher Mini’s safety circuit breakers, you’re already secured because this press has a methodically routed three sub-circuit and primary power circuit with only the highest quality, resettable circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are conveniently installed on the machine's front panel that allows you for easy access, monitoring, and resetting.

Has Precise Temperature Controls with Pinpoint Accuracy

The NugSmasher Mini has one of the most accurate and precise temperature controls on the market. It’s designed with an easy access interface on the front of the machine in which you will be able to easily set your desired temperature and let your NugSmasher Mini do the rest.

Another amazing thing of this machine is that its plates are both designed to quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperatures across their surface areas during the entire extraction process.

Top with Thermally Isolated Heat Plates

The NugSmasher Mini is packed with top plates that are thermally isolated just like with the Original, XP and Pro. This systematic design removes any unwanted heat transfer from your pressing area. Thus, it allows you to save power by maintaining efficiency and also helps you to keep the plates heated with your desired temperature in the most accurate ways as much as possible.

Product is great. It does exactly what it is intended to do. I have buddies that have spent three and $4000 on presses and other than them being bigger and air compressed rather than hand powered the quality of the product is absolutely no different whatsoever. Couldn’t be more pleased for the price ★★★★★ 5/5



Rosinbomb Rocket Electric Rosin Tech Press

Do you find your current press now so noisy that it makes your head turn upside down and because of this, it distracts you during the extraction process? And now, you wanted to change it into a better press but don’t know what the perfect one is? Well, worries no more because the Rosinbomb Rocket Electric Rosin Tech Press will save your day!

Rosinbomb Rocket Electric Rosin Tech Press is considered as the “Best Small Electric Rosin Press” on the market today. If you want a rosin press that will work quietly, then grab this product now! Unlike other presses, this unit is quiet because it doesn't require you to have a noisy compressor to function.

You’ll be amazed at this tiny rosin press because it can deliver up to 1500 pounds of pressure and can process up to 5 grams of material at the same time. If you still doubt of the powers of this press due to its minimal size, don’t be! Because its size does not mean lower quality built for this product is made from 22-gauge stainless steel and the structural components that will assure you the quality of it.

Why Choose RosinBomb?

Read below the three reasons why Rosinbomb Rocket press should be in your list:

Superior Construction

You will never doubt the Rosinbomb’s parts because it’s designed and assembled here in the United States. This product will make your life easier because the only thing you should mind is which essential oil you want to press.

Quiet Pressing

Unlike other products that require compressors to function, Rosinbomb rocket doesn’t need one because it’s a plug and press model. And since, it’s electric it produces zero noise.

Superior Yield

Rosinbomb rocket rosin press is like nothing else on the market. Its manufacturer worked hard to develop its Proprietary Technology so that they can deliver to you the industry’s leading yields from your essential oils consistently every time. 

How to operate RosinBomb Rocket?

  1. Plug in your press.
  2. Wait 10 minutes while it fully heats.
  3. Prepare your flower or sift for press
  4. Place your product in between two sheets of parchment paper centered as much as possible
  5. Command up until it reaches full force automatically
  6. Wait till you have rosin flow cease
  7. Command down, and that's it! Your extraction center right at home.
Very easy to use , I was impressed!!!!★★★★★ 5/5


Rosin Tech GO

Are you already annoyed that there are times when unexpected errands or travels disrupt your scheduled extraction process and worst, you cannot continue your planned extraction because you cannot bring your rosin press due to its heavyweight? Then, you deserve a perfect press that has an ultra-lightweight that allows you to carry it anywhere you go like this Rosin Tech GO Digital Control Dual Heat Plate Manual Rosin Press!

The Rosin Tech Go Manual Press is considered as the Best in Budget Portable Rosin Press because it’s by far the least expensive press sold on the market today. If you want to bring this machine anywhere you go, then perfect! Because the rosin tech go’s design sits beautifully on your desktop and fits comfortably within your backpack for travel purposes.

Another incredible thing about this machine is it’s an ultra-lightweight and thus, making it as the first rosin press built for mobile rosin extraction. This rosin press also has a reliable digital temperature controller and timer and can put out 700 lbs. of pressure.

Lastly, this press is engineered to ensure you to have the perfect combination of heat, time, pressure, and surface area for personal use. Finally, its compact size makes it not only portable, but also a fraction of the cost compared to similar products on the market.


Sasquash M1

Are you tired of believing in presses that will help you produce more yields, but only disappoint you in the end because it’s not? And the ending is that you need to search and repurchase another press. Your miserable state will finally end because the Sasquash M1 10 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press is what you’re looking for!

The Sasquash M1 10 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press is considered to be the latest and the greatest hydraulic rosin press technology in the industry today. If you want to increase your yield, improve productivity and save money then, this press is meant for you! It’s a state of the art machine coupling next level technology with highly precise control that has an extremely rigid and durable design in which you can expect yields of over 30% while pressing flower.

Also, the Sasquash M1 produces a noteworthy 10 tons of pressure bundled into a compact package that saves on space without compromising you the quality. This rosin press is the perfect solution for both high volume commercial users as well as serious at home pressers.

Lastly, if you’re not still convinced of how this product is made then you must read this, its manufacturer the Support the Roots LLC was established in 2016, and it has been named as a leading manufacturer in the rosin press industry. If you're looking for a company that thrives for quality products and the highest yields possible, there is no second best.

The M1 is an absolute TANK. I couldn't be happier. ★★★★★ 5/5

How to operate Sasquash M1?

    1. Always Have Foot Pedal Locked in Release Position before connecting the hose.
    2. Thread in Hose into the back of the Rosin Press.
    3. Line Up the Notches in the Communication Cable to the Back of the Control Box Plug before Threading it in.
    4. Very Important to do Step 3 before plugging in the power supply into the Control Box
    5. Connect Air Supply to Hydraulic Foot Pump
    6. Apply Pressure to the Top of the Foot Pump Down to Lower Plates
    7. Apply Pressure to the Bottom of the Foot Pump to Rise Plates
    8. Leave Foot Pump Locked in Release Position Before Moving the Hose from the Machine
    9. Use Rag to Catch Oil From the Hose plugged into the back of the Rosin Press


Dulytek DM1005 Clamshell

Are you looking for a press for your small operation business, but will still assure you of its strong parts and powerful processing? Then, this Dulytek DM1005 Clamshell Manual Rosin Press is perfect for you!

Dulytek DM1005 Clamshell Manual Rosin Heat Press is intended for solvent-less plant oil extraction for your small operation businesses or your personal use. It’s a strong and powerful press because it features a locking lever mechanism and an adjustable pressure knob that allows you to apply maximum pressure without continuous use of manual force.

Also, the press's dual heat solid aluminum plates have an even heat distribution that will help you in producing the best yields. Meanwhile, the touch screen temperature and timer controls allow you to set and save press parameters for multi-batch extractions. The temperature control can be easily adjusted to show settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, the DM1005 is so easy to use because it has no additional equipment or parts that are required to start pressing.

This press is simple to use, lightweight, and just all around the right press for bubble. Doesn't take up a lot of room, easy to store. Right out of the box I had success with the temps and pressure. I recommend this to any home rosin maker.★★★★★ 5/5


Important Things to Remember

Overall, rosin extraction is an extremely safe process because it doesn’t have risks of explosions, unlike other flammable solvent-based extraction. Rosin presses are reliable, high-quality solvent-less products. If you have a rosin press at home, you are assured of producing a range of 100% solvent-free products that cater to a growing audience.

Lastly, many view that using rosin presses is a healthier choice because it produces products that are just as potent as any other concentrate on the market. It can reach over 90% potency, solvent-free is just as effective as others on the market. What are you waiting for? Grab your rosin press now!
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