Rosinbomb Rosin Presses & Accessories for Sale

ROSINBOMB started as a family business, tracing its roots back to a decades-long tradition of machinery creation. With a passion for innovation and a hunger for healthy organics, ROSINBOMB’s founder Ryan Mayer created the most powerful, electronic rosin press with the ability to process the highest yield. Though ROSINBOMB is a forerunner in the industry, the company continues to evolve and flourish. ROSINBOMB presses are the premier quality available today with patent-pending technology designed to ensure the top yield, 5000+ lbs of pressure, fully electric.... and continuously improving.

ROSINBOMB is committed to quality, value, and innovation. They strive to constantly improve their products and continued research and development. ROSINBOMB’s goal is to produce the highest quality tools and accessories for consumers and professionals to create the best concentrates.