Our Best Cyber Monday Grobo Automated Grow Box Deals

The lowest prices of the season on Grobo Automated Grow Boxes are here! Rightbud’s 2020 Cyber Monday Sale brings you the best prices on the very best automated grow boxes.



while supplies last!

The Grobo Solid Automated Grow Box is a fully automated, smart grow box. With 5 sensors that notify you of what needs to be done as you care for your plants and 8 LED lights adjust automatically to give you the best quality and yield. Check your progress and get updates through the app and access over 200 recipes.



while supplies last!

Grobo’s Premium Automated Grow Box is THE top of the line automated grow box. Featuring 8 responsive LED grow lights and automatic nutrient dosing, pH balancing, and 24/7 environmental monitoring, the Grobo premium is everything you want an automated grow box to be.

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