Grow Room Consultation

Unsure what to buy? Need some advice on how to improve your grow room and make it the best it can be? Fret not! Our professional grow room team is here to help.

Our professional grow room consultants and builders can: 

  • Help you design the perfect room

    Home grows or commercial operations, our experts are fully trained to help you design the perfect grow space. 

  • Maximize Your Yield
    Did you know the right lights & grow tents/cabinets can double your yields & reduce your power bill by half. Our experts are ready today to help you select the proper equipment to help you succeed & get the most of your plants. 
  • Coordinate Setup
    We have partners across the continental United States that will help set your equipment up and give you proper training on how to use it. Interested? Please contact us for more details.

Fill out our contact us form with your information and a bit about what you're interested in and we'll get back to you with the proper information.

For expedited assistance give us a call at +1(800) 856-7140