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LED Grow Light Sales

5% OFF Amare Technologies

Checkout Code: SAVE5

10% OFF Apache Tech

Checkout Code: APACHE

10% OFF BlackDog LED

Checkout Code: BLACKDOG10

10% OFF California Lightworks Solar Xtreme

Checkout Code: SOLARXTREME

13% OFF California Lightworks Solar System

Checkout Code: SOLARSYSTEM

5% OFF G8 LED Grow Lights

Checkout Code: SAVE5

5% OFF Green Sunshine Company


5% OFF Growers Choice

Checkout Code: SAVE5

15% OFF Kind LED K5 Series

Checkout Code: KIND15

5% OFF Kind LED Grow Lights

Checkout Code: KIND5

17% OFF Nextlight Grow Lights

Checkout Code: NL17

15% OFF Spectrum King

Checkout Code: SK15

5% OFF Scynce LED

Checkout Code: SCYNCE

Rosin Presses & Extraction Sales

5% OFF Bubble Magic

Checkout Code: SAVE5

5% OFF Dulytek

Checkout Code: DULYTEK

5% OFF Rosinbud

Checkout Code: ROSINBUD

Trimmers & Harvest Equipment Sales

5% OFF EZ Trim

Checkout Code: EZTRIM

5% OFF Triminator

Checkout Code: TRIMINATOR

5% OFF TrimPro

Checkout Code: TP5

5% OFF Zoom

Checkout Code: ZOOM

Grow Tent Sales

5% OFF Gorilla Grow Tents

Checkout Code: GORILLA5

Price Drop Discount Sales

Price Drop Rosinbomb Rosin Presses

Ends: May 30, 2020 (no code required)

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