Canna-Press: A Comprehensive Review 2018

Having spent years in the industry, the guys over at Canna-Press have taken their collective knowledge to bring you one of the most robust rosin press solutions on the market today. Complete with a full 15 tons of pressure, as well as being made with UL, CE and FDA approved components, the Canna-Press is, without a doubt, one of the most capable commercial machines on the market today.

Working together with Watlow, Canna-Press is pleased to announce that their rosin press has some of the most precise and accurate temperature controls in the entire industry. Complete with Watlow's EZ Zone, Auto-Tune, and Tru-Tone temperature controllers, along with Firerod heaters and probe, the Canna-Press is able to reach a precise temperature fast. Furthermore, it makes for platens are able to maintain temperature within a .5% variance across the entire platen - something that is not seen in virtually any press. This means you will be able to fine-tune your presses each and every time, reaching the optimal conditions for any type of material, keeping terpins intact and producing the optimal flavor along the way.

Complete with FDA approved fluids and Flush-face quick disconnects (that eliminate oil spills), the Canna-Press SPX Power Team hydraulic components are a step above the rest providing extremely reliable operation with no mess, ever.

Not only does the Canna-Press produce some of the most top-notch rosin possible, but it's also made with some of the most top-notch components available. Design in CAD, the Tru-Guide System is made out of aircraft grade T6-6061 Aluminum and coated with ceramic Cerakote making for a hardened, self-lubricating system that resists chips, scratches and other types of wear and tear.

Also designed in the CAD is the Canna-Press frame that are CNC water-jet and bent for a perfectly sized, consistent frame each and every time.

Canna-Press Tru-Guide System is engineered in CAD and machined to .05"+/- out of aircraft grade T6-6061 Aluminum. Our guide system is then coated with a ceramic Cerakote® and hardened to self-lubricate and resist chips and scratches to extend the wear life of the guide.

Canna-Press frame is also engineered in CAD before being CNC water-jet and bent for a consistent frame each and every time. After the CNC is done, a AWS DW1.1 Certified welder jiggs and welds the parts making for some of the most robust seams possible. This is a machine that is built for high volume commercial operational, and it is truly built to last.

To top it off, the Canna-Press is near 100% customizable. Design your own wrap and pick from your own frame and guide system color to make the press truly unique. 200+ color combinations make for endless possibilities. Please call or email for details regarding customization.

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