Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Commercial Rosin Press Review 2018

Created in Colorado circa 2015, PurePressure has quickly become one of the hottest companies in the game today. Founded on the premise of creating an efficient, safe, affordable and lasting rosin press, PurePressure has accomplished that in near record time.

Pure Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press - A Commercial Mammoth

Validated by a series of test groups, the Pure Pressure Pikes Peak combines efficient rosin pressing with the latest technologies. Doing away with manual controls and replacing them with custom developed software and digital controls, the Pikes Peak takes the guesswork out of rosin pressing and focuses on what matters; the final product.

Rugged, Durable & Built to Last

Featuring a 5-ton pneumatic cylinder that is capable of producing 10,000 pounds of pressure the PurePressure Pikes Peak is one of the most durable presses on the market today - a point that is very important when it comes to any commercial product. As it is a pneumatic press, the Pikes Peak does require an external air compressor that has at least a 30-gallon tank and is rated at up to 145 PSI.

Thanks to its rugged design, the Pikes Peak has a lifespan of 5 years with continual use and requires little to no maintenance during those 5 years. This is thanks to the fact that cylinder uses no oils whatsoever - eliminating any worries of a tainted final product due to malfunctioning.

Highest Quality Commercial Extraction

But, the benefits of the press don't stop there. The Pikes Peak from Pure Pressure has very unique, aluminum heating plates. These plates feature built-in heating rods as opposed to laying on top of them. This allows the heat to be perfectly distributed amongst the entire plate meaning 100% of your material will be receiving the same exact level of heat. This means more rosin will be pressed from the material with lower pressure.

Cutting Edge Software

Finally, there is the software. The Pikes Peak has customed designed software and digital controls reminiscent of the highest quality machines you would see in a traditional workshop. These digital controls allow you to adjust virtual everything on the fly including temperature and pressure. Going above and beyond, this software can actually act in record mode which means it will save your previous settings allowing you to replicate the perfect press each and every time. Much like the cylinder the software requires virtually no maintenance either as Pure Pressure issues over the air software updates free of charge for the lifetime of the machine.


In conclusion, we can't recommend the Pikes Peak from Pure Pressure enough when it comes to commercial extraction. This machine eliminates virtually all manual labor associated with rosin pressing. In turn, this means that a single operator will be able to process up to 8 pounds of dry sift per day with the Pikes Peak. Now that is what you call efficiency.

Learn more about the Pure Pressure Pikes Peak commercial rosin press here.

We also offer an all-in one starter kit that includes much of what you need to get started out of the box which you can check out here.

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