Everything you need to know about the Nugsmasher Original

In the early days, people had a hard time figuring out how they can produce high-quality rosin. One factor that made their lives difficult was to have no accurate equipment in creating rosins since there are no rosin presses existed during that time and so, they used t-shirt presses from China as a substitute for rosin presses. However, this type of presses is not originally designed for pressing and producing rosin. Thus, it just gave them frustrating and disappointing results because they didn’t gain the high-quality end products that they want.

Until, Thanks to the brilliant minds who invented this new equipment that changes the world and made people lives so much easier. This equipment is no other than one of the most popular products in the garden industry today and considered to be top-selling. This is the “NugSmasher Original” Rosin press.

The NugSmasher Original changed everything and made the people in the garden industry rejoice because this machine was purposefully engineered to do the most essential thing in the industry, “pressing plenty of luscious rosin”.

So, if you're looking for a powerful yet affordable rosin press that has a professional grade rosin extraction and a minimalistic footprint then, the NugSmasher Original Manual Rosin Press is the perfect press for you!

I found the Nugsmasher at the best price available at Rightbud.com. The Nugsmasher shipped immediately, and I received status updates on a continual basis. Highly recommended! ★★★★★ 5/5

5 Things You Need to Know

Made from high-quality materials

You can rest assured that the Nugsmasher Original is made from high-quality materials because it’s designed and built by Professionals in Corona, California in their 40,000 square foot machine and fabrication workshop. This machine is crafted by skilled professionals composed of the industry’s leading and experienced designers, builders, engineers, and fabricators.

This machine is also considered as one of the most rugged rosin presses on the market and titled as "being built like a tank". If you doubt the machine’s frame, well doubt no more! Because Nugsmasher Original has a dependable interlocked USA sourced structural steel for the machine's frame and aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined in-house.

There’s also a bonus for you as a buyer! This machine comes with a full, manufacturer backed lifetime warranty, so it will help you save money.

Easy to set-up machine

This machine will not give you such headaches in setting up because everything you need to begin pressing is already included in the box. All you need to do is plug the device in, then wait for it to heat up and finally! You're ready to begin extracting beautifully pressed rosin.

Safety Circuit Breakers

When using rosin presses, safety must always be the top priority and so with the Nugsmasher Original’s safety circuit breakers you’re already secured because this press has a methodically routed 3 sub-circuit and primary power circuit with only the highest quality, resettable circuit breakers. These circuit breakers are conveniently installed on the machine's front panel that allows you for easy access, monitoring, and resetting. 

Has Precise Temperature Controls with Pinpoint Accuracy

The NugSmasher Original has one of the most accurate and precise temperature controls on the market. It’s designed with an easy access interface on the front of the machine in which you will be able to easily set your desired temperature and let your NugSmasher Original do the rest.

Another incredible thing of this machine is that its plates are both designed to quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperatures across their surface areas during the entire extraction process.

Thermally Isolated Heat Plates

The NugSmasher Original is packed with top plates that are thermally isolated just like with the Mini, XP and Pro, t. This systematic design removes any unwanted heat transfer from your pressing area. Thus, it allows you to save power by maintaining efficiency and also helps you to keep the plates heated with your desired temperature in the most accurate ways as much as possible.



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