Rosinbomb M50 Personal Electric Rosin Press Review 2019

Rosinbomb M50 - The comprehensive review

The 100% Electric Personal Rosin Press

A rosin revolution

Rosin is a new form of plant extract that doesn't use any solvents, all while remaining as virtually the same pure plant extract. This means that not only is the end product much purer - lacking any unnatural chemical additives - but it's much safer to produce.

With the rise of rosin comes with it a myriad of different rosin presses of all different shapes, sizes, and specifications. As with any hot industry, there are unfortunately low quality, mass produced units that you need to look out for. Not only that, but the seeming complexity of the process might be a turn off to new comers who don't know what they need to get started.

Introducing The Rosinbomb

It's not often that a company comes along and takes a process that is seemingly complex and removes virtually all barriers to entry. Literally all of them. Thankfully for us, Rosinbomb, a company based out of Seattle, Washington has done just that with their Rosinbomb M-50 electric press.

An all-electric competitor

Clocking in at just 35 pounds the Rosinbomb M-50 is without a doubt one of the most unique, capable, and portable presses on the market today. The unique selling point of this particular press it that it's all-inclusive thanks to its all-electric design. Other presses require air compressors or manual hand pumps but this is not the case for the Rosinbomb M50. Instead, the M50 is 100% ready for operation out of the box, just plug it in, set the temperature and it's ready to go.

A Perfect Heating Surface

While it's true that producing rosin requires a sizeable amount of pressure, it's not the only thing thats needed. Material needs to be heated to the perfect temperature - not too high and not too low - in order to extract the most amount of material. Thankfully, the Rosinbomb M50 comes with not one, but two dual heated 3" x 5" plates capable of holding up to 20 grams of material. What this does in ensures thorough heating on both sides of the material for the duration of the press. In turn, you're getting a higher quality and higher yield final product.


Is 5,000 pounds of pressure enough?

In short, yes, for a personal press the M50's 5,000 pounds of pressure is more than enough. You may be thinking, then why do some of these presses have 10, 20, or 30 tons of pressure? Presses with this much pressure are large, unwieldy and downright unpractical for personal, at home use. On the other hand, Rosinbomb has went through an intense development cycle to find that 5,000 pounds of pressure mixed with the above mentioned dual heating elements is the perfect amount of pressure for this particular machine. Anything more, and it actually begins to mix unwanted material with the final product making for a less than perfect yield.

The perfect personal press? Quite possibly.

While it's a reach to say anything is perfect, the US designed and assembled Rosinbomb M50 comes quite close. With its extremely compact design, sizeable pressure rating dual heating elements alone, the Rosinbomb M50 is a worthy competitor. Add into that the face that it's completely electric and requires no additional set up and you have quite possibly one of the greatest rosin presses ever made clocking in at under $2,000.

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