The Ultimate Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt QB V2 Quantum Board DIY Kit Review

Are you dreaming of a high quality efficient passively cooled LED grow light that comes with everything you need and only requires you to have a small screwdriver and wire strippers in order to build? Then, you will surely love the revolutionary Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt QB V2 Quantum Board DIY Kit!

Did you know that this fixture is equivalent to a 500 watt HID grow light? You heard it right! Isn’t it amazing? The fixture is purely designed to flower up to a 2 x 4 area or 3x3 area or even veg a larger area around 3x6 ft. or 4x4 ft. What’s the other amazing thing about it is that two of these kits can be used to flower a 4x4 space or veg a 6x6 space.

This light is available in 3000k or 4000k. It’s recommended to use the 4000k for veg, but you can also use this for flower as well. Moreover, the kit comes with two qb2 88 quantum boards with LM 561 cs6 top and diodes and also comes with one slate two pre-drilled 600-millimeter heat sink one.

To provide you a clearer picture of the powerful features of this fixture, check the table below:

Just a quick tip!
If you need something less powerful for clones consider the HLG 65 kit because it will surely clone or veg a 2x2 area and provides you a one-year warranty.

However, if your needs involve more powerful grow lights don’t worry because there are lots of options for you on the market there’s an HLG 32-watt kit which contains three quantum boards lined up in a row and can be used to flower a 2.5 ft. by 5 ft. the area, on the other hand, two of the 320-watt kits will flower a 5x5 area. Lastly, you can also choose between HLG 550 and HLG 300 that has a 3-year warranty these two are considered to be the horticultural lighting group’s flagship lights.


  • Power: 620+ Watts
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Voltage Range:120-277 VAC
  • Flowering Footprint: 5' X 5'
  • Veg Footprint: 6' X 7'
  • System PPF Efficacy: 2.4 μmol/joule
  • Total output: 1485+ PPF
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Kit Includes

  • 2 x QB288 USA-made board with Samsung LM561C Top Bin diodes
  • 1 x Slate 2 Double Predrilled 600mm Heatsink
  • Meanwell HLG-240H LED Driver. 93.5% Driver Efficiency.
  • 6ft Nema 5-15P 16/3 SJTW NA Power Cord or equivalent for standard
  • 120VAC with cable connector
  • 2ft solid core Wire, 2x Wago Connectors for DC wiring
  • Hanger Clips

Important Things to Note

  • Lamp Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 2.44 µmol/J, 162Lm/W
  • Board Level Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 2.61 µmol/J, 173Lm/W
    No Thermal Interface Material is required between the LED board and the heatsink
  • Remove black plug on driver and use Philips head screwdriver for dimming
  • Kit is shipped disassembled and requires assembly before use
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