The Ultimate Horticulture Lighting Group HLG-600 Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Review

Are you looking for a LED grow light that is great for flowering in your 5x5 area or veg your 7x7 area? Then, you must have the HLG-600H Quantum Board LED Kit V2! A powerful LED light that will surely beat your 1200 watt HID grow light’s intensity!

The Ultimate Horticulture Lighting Group designed the HLG-600H Quantum Board LED Kit V2 to meet each grower’s needs and expectations. Thus, this fixture can flower your buds up to 5x5 area or even veg a 7x7 ft. area. In addition, this light is highly recommendable because it’s also great for flowering a 4x4 area. It also has a recommended 3000 Kelvin full cycle or flowering spectrum.

Moreover, to give you a picture of the size of this light it actually measures 29 inches x 15.5 inches x 3.5 inches. Did you know that its 600-Watt drive powers the four V2 quantum boards that are made up of 1152 Samsung LM 301 diodes? Isn’t it incredible?

Furthermore, the light has a PAR efficacy of 2.4 micromoles per joule in 1,500 micromoles per second of light output. Another amazing feature of this light is its hanging height, the question is: What is the accurate measurement of the hanging height you will apply? The answer is, it depends on your needs. For instance,   if your vegging at full intensity it’s recommended to have about a 40inch hanging height. Just a quick tip for you! You can use a potentiometer or a dimmer during veg if you like to reduce the light’s intensity. If you are worried because you don’t have a dimmer at home it’s alright because you can buy it on local electronics hardware or you can find one online. Remember to have a 0 to 10 volt dimmer or 50 K ohm potentiometer. On the other hand, when it comes in flowering at full intensity you must take note that its recommended hanging height is you to avoid putting the fixture closer than about 24 or 30 inches.

You will not regret buying one of the HLG 600H because the kit is packed with everything you need but, wire snippers or scissors and screwdriver are not included. So, the kit has four QB 288 V2 quantum boards with top bin Samsung LM 301 B diodes, one invent onyx EUD 600 driver, a solid core wire, wego connectors in a waterproof AC cable connector, hardware, hanger clips, one 8 ft. power and a 120 volt NEMA 515 P plug.

Important Reminder: If you’re connecting this to 240 volts you must take note that you are required to cut the plug and wire that’s an appropriate plug for your application or country and one pre-drilled aluminum heatsink. To assemble the kit it will take you more or less 30 minutes to fully finish it.


How to Properly Set-up The Kit

Step 1
Connect the driver to the heatsink

This is just simple because all you have to do is to run the driver upside down and place the heatsink upside down on the driver, then take the long screws and the nut, after doing it you can already connect the driver to the heatsink.

Remember to it on both sides of the driver. Be sure to tighten it properly and get some tools that will become legs and spacers between the quantum boards and the surface that you’re building.

Next thing is to flip the fixture and make sure you tighten the screws down. Flip it again and clean the heatsink using alcohol and a swab, Why is this necessary? This is an important thing to do in order to get rid of grease and dirt especially in your fixture’s heatsink. You can also clean the quantum boards as well and just ensure to dry everything up before putting the board on the heatsink.

Step 2
Placing the Quantum Boards on the heatsink

First thing you must remember is to carefully see the orientation of the boards while putting them on, as well as the current flows from positive to negative. Why you should do this? It’s because the boards must be oriented in a precise and accurate way.

How will you do this? All you need to do is to gather small black screws. To properly secure the boards, you need a total of 32 screws that you’ll put on the boards.  Remember to not tighten the screws too much because it surely leads to the damage of your boards.

Step 3
Connecting the wires of the Quantum Boards

You only need to use a little piece of wiring in order to connect the boards, but make sure to estimate it correctly because if you cut a long ones you are just making a mess at your place of having lots of wires, on the other hand, if you also cut it too short the wires will not reach each other.

After, the second piece of wire will connect the two top boards. You must take note that if you’re using cutters or wire strippers all you need to do is just is to use about a quarter inch to a half inch of wire at each end so that the wire will make a good connection.

What will you do to the last piece of wire? It’s simple, you will just connect the two boards on the left after doing this, and you connect the two bottom boards on the driver.

Take Note:   

  • Right side= positive connector
  • Left side= negative connector

Tip: Just flip it if you want to ensure the feet on each corner of the heatsink are extended far enough in order for the connector will not touch with the surface.

The next thing to do is to cut two pieces of equal length wires these will serve as a connection of the DC end of the driver and the quantum boards. To do this properly, use wego connectors for easier connection and put the wire in shut the clip then, do that on the DC end of the driver.

Important Reminder: Match the wires of the driver properly: red wire-red wire and black wire- blue wire.

Then, take these two wires and put it through the hole at the edge of the heatsink after, flip over the heatsink and pull the wires through. Take note to connect the red wire to the positive connector and the black wire to the negative connector. Lastly, push the wires into the connectors and finally the entire DC side of the unit is already done!

Step 4
Install the Power Cord

Remember what you did with the DC side? It’s the same thing you will do with an AC side. All you have to do is to connect these waver connectors to one side and then just match the wires: green-green, black-black, and white-white.

HLG 600 Top Features

  • Reliable Passive Cooled Design
  • Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler
  • Full Spectrum for better results
  • Ideal for Veg and Bloom
  • 1 Year Warranty

HLG 600 Kit Includes

  • 4x QB288 V2 3000K Quantum Board
  • Bluetooth Controller/Scheduler
  • Anodized Slate 5 Aluminum Extrusion
  • Inventronics EUD-600 Driver
  • Hanger, Power Cord, Wires, Wagos, M3 Screws

HLG 600 Specifications

  • Power: 620+ Watts
  • Voltage Range: 120-277 VAC
  • Flowering Footprint: 5' X 5'
  • Veg Footprint: 6' X 7'
  • System PPF Efficacy: 2.4 μmol/joule
  • Total output: 1485+ PPF
  • Weight: 25 lbs
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