Triminator Rosin TRP & Triminator Rosin TRP Stack Review: The Ultimate Commercial Rosin Presses?

For quite some time, Triminator has been a force to be reckoned with, creating some of the most versatile and high-quality bud trimmers on the market today. In fact, they’ve even gone as far as winning the 2016 High Times Best Dry Trimmer Award which has solidified their name in the trimmer industry. But just because they’re able to create some of the most well received, robust and effective trimmers on the market today, does that mean they’re able to make the leap into the rosin press market? Let’s take a look.

Designed and manufactured in Northern California, Triminator has done just that with two of their commercial, extremely high-end machines – the Triminator TRIP and the Triminator TRP Stack. Two commercial rosin presses built entirely around a solid steel power frame capable of producing up to a notable 25 tons of pressure.

Triminator Rosin TRP Commercial Rosin Press

Though it’s the smaller press of the two, the Triminator Rosin TRP is no machine to take lightly. Featuring massive 6” x 10” aluminum plates and a proprietary design, the Triminator Rosin TRP is capable of tearing through massive amounts of flower and kief. These uniquely designed plates give you the ability to maintain maximum amounts of surface area while keeping the oil’s travel distance low.

Added to the dual plates, the Triminator Rosin TRP comes with dual PID temperature controls for both plates. This allows you to fine tune the temperature at which you’re pressing to get your exact desired results each and every time.

Triminator Rosin TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press

Next up is the Triminator Rosin TRP Stack rosin press. This mammoth of a machine takes everything great from the Triminator Rosin TRP and quite literally doubles it. While its little brother the Rosin TRP has only two 6” x 10” aluminum plates and one squash area, the Rosin TRP Stack has three 6” x 10” aluminum plates which gives you an additional squash area literally doubling the amount of material you’re able to process at any given time.

Much like the normal Rosin TRP, the Rosin TRP Stack has unique PID temperature controllers for each plate allowing you to fine tune your press with the proper temperature throughout.

Finally, the Rosin TRP Stack is unique in the sense that both squash areas can be tilted allowing gravity to help your rosin flow freely. This allows you to get more rosin out of your material at a much faster rate.

Pump Options

Much like other commercial presses, the Triminator Rosin TRP and Rosin TRP Stack rosin press requires pumps to operator. Luckily, Triminator has you covered as they offer several different options including manual, air hydraulic and electric. Obviously enough, the air hydraulic and electric options will allow for automatic pressure application whereas the manual option will take some effort on your part for operation.

While the electric pump is a self-contained unit where you won’t need anything else to operate it, both the manual pump and air hydraulic pump will need external air compressors not included with purchases of the machine.

The Triminator Difference

Triminator has taken their knowledge of crafting high end commercial bud trimmers and applied it to the rosin press industry and the results are quite stunning. If you’re looking for a commercial rosin press with raw power that maintains a high level of precision, the Triminator Rosin TRP and Rosin TRP Stack are really second to none.

Add to their massive production rate the fact that they’re crafted in California which means speedy support, and the full 2 year manufacturer backed warranty and you really can’t go wrong.

Check out the Triminator Rosin TRP here and the Triminator Rosin TRP Stack here.
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