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  • Hello Would love to know more about capacity per press, and any other information about operation of the pro 20 ton. Thank you

    The NugSmasher Pro is capable of processing up to 112 grams of material at a time. It has extra large 7" x 10" plates and 6 160W heaters and 20 tons of pressure that help it process this large amount of material at one time while producing a very large, high-quality yield. The Pro can either be operated manually with a hand pump or hooked up to an air compressor for automatic operation. The NugSmasher Pro is the perfect machine for high volume commercial or personal use.

  • Very expensive! Do you allow payments?

    We're proud to have the lowest price guaranteed for the NugSmasher PRO in North America! Regarding payments, we offer financing here: If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call us at +1 (800) 856-7140    

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